Popular series promises pianist, CBC newshound

This year's Vancouver Institute spring lecture series at UBC features one of UBC's most remarkable and prod-uctive research collaborations, Drs. Patrick and Edith McGeer, one of Canada's most celebrated pianists, Music Prof. Jane Coop and a former CBC national news anchor, Knowlton Nash, who is concerned about media's preoccupation with sensationalism.

The free series continues to March 27. Unless otherwise noted lectures take place at 8:15 p.m. in Lecture Hall 2 of the Woodward Instructional Resources

The lecture schedule is:

Feb. 6: Justice Rosalie Abella,
"Human Rights and Women: A Generational Snapshot."

Feb. 20: Dr. Patrick McGeer and Dr. Edith McGeer, "Prospects for Preventing Alzheimer's Disease."

Feb. 27: Knowlton Nash, "Trivial Pursuit."

March 6: Dr. Clyde Hertzman, "Why are Some Societies Healthier than Others."

March 13: John MacDonald, "Monitoring the World's Oceans from Space."

March 20: Jane Coop, "Chopin and his Milieu; Antecedents and Consequences." This is a special lecture and recital in the Chan Centre. Tickets, which are required, are now available at the Bookstore, Magic Flute and the Chan Centre Box Office.

March 27: Ann Kaplan, "Multicultural Women's Films; Resisting Current Stereotypes."

Recent books written by series speakers will be available at the door or at the UBC Bookstore.

This season marks the institute's 83rd year. For more information visit http://psg.com/~ted/vanist/