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New home built for high-tech enterprises

Growing B.C. research companies have a new place to put down roots with the construction of the Donald Rix Building, the latest in a series of technology enterprise facilities located on campus.

Centre's research to boost B.C. wine industry

Add British Columbia to the world's wine-producing regions which benefit from a major research university. The B.C. Wine Research Centre (BC WRC) at UBC has been established to address all aspects of wine and serve as a resource for the province's highly successful and rapidly growing industry.

Budding beaker lovers break into science

Kids will turf their textbooks and get their hands on Frisbees, parachutes and bicycle gears in a new after-school science outreach program created by Assoc. Prof. Niamh Kelly.

Association moves under labour code

UBC's Faculty Association has recently voted to negotiate under the B.C. Labour Code.

Salty viruses balance ocean, says scientist

Many people would be surprised to learn that the earth's oceans teem with between 10 to 100 million viruses in every teaspoonful of seawater. That discovery was made a decade ago by a graduate student in the lab in which UBC microbiologist and oceanographer Curtis Suttle was doing post-doctoral work.

Scholar to head research for blood agency

A UBC specialist in transfusion medicine has been named as the national director of research and development at Canadian Blood Services (CBS).