A listing of UBC-related or UBC-sponsored events occurring on campus and off campus within the Lower Mainland from April 4 through April 17, 1999. The previous calendar is also available.

For events further in the future, see Live@UBC.

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April 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

Monday, April 5

Easter Monday Public Swim

UBC Aquatic Centre from 1-5pm; 6-10pm. $3.50 adults; $2.75 students; $2 children/seniors. Call 822-4522.

Tuesday, April 6

Microbiology And Immunology Seminar

The Gene Transfer Agent Of Rhodobacter Capsulatus. Andrew Lang. Wesbrook 100 from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-3308.

Botany Seminar

Summer Food-Plant Selection By Snowshoe Hares. Pippa Secombe Hett. BioSciences 2000 from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-2133.

Classical Archeology Lecture

Excavations At Morgantina, A Greek City Of Ancient Sicily. Barbara Tsakirgis, Classical Studies, Vanderbilt U. Lasserre 104 at 12:30pm. Call 822-2889.

Australian Studies Seminar

Australian Identity Towards The 21st Century. John Goldlust, Sociology, LaTrobe U. CK Choi 120 from 12:30-2pm. Call 822-2629.

Nursing Lecture

A Community-Based Mental Health Nursing Program For Rehabilitation Of Long-Term Psychiatric Patients. Susie Kim. UBC Hosp T206 from 3-4pm. RSVP by April 1. Call Janice 822-7453.

Peter Wall Institute Complexity Seminar

Can The World Stand The Present Interest Rates? Jose Luis Lopez-Leautard, U of Mexico. University Centre Peter Wall Institute small conference room at 3:30pm. Call 822-3620.

Poetic Persuasions

Reads From Her Book Of Poems: The Disorder Of Love. Karen Connelly, poet. Green College at 7:30pm. Politics in Burma discussion to follow. Call 822-1878.

Wednesday, April 7

Orthopedics Grand Rounds

Embolization Of Musculoskeletal Tumours. Dr. P. Munk; Dr. T. Marotta. VGH, Eye Care Centre Aud. at 7am. Call 875-4192.

School Of Music Concert

UBC Asian Music Ensembles. Alan Thrasher; Michael Tenzer, director. Music Recital Hall at 12:30pm. Call 822-5574.

Obstetrics And Gynecology Research Seminar

Gene Therapy And Ovarian Cancer. Kyung-Chul Choi. B.C.'s Women's Hosp. 2N35 at 2pm. Call 875-3108.

Mechanical Engineering Seminar

Full Scale Tests Of A Wright Brothers Replica Aircraft. Prof. F.E.C. Culick, Applied Physics and Jet Propulsion, CalTech. CEME 1215 from 3:30-4:30pm. Refreshments. Call 822-3770.

Geophysics Seminar

Did Outburst Drainage Of Laurentide Proglacial Lakes Cause The Cold Event 8200 Years Ago? Donny Barber, U of Colorado. Geophysics/Astronomy 260 at 4pm. Call 822-4108.

Ecology, Evolution And Biodiversity Seminar

Alternative Mating Tactics And Reproductive Success In Male Sockeye Salmon. Drew Hoysack, Zoology. FNSB 60 at 4:30pm. Call 822-2069.

Individual Interdisciplinary Studies

Applied Research In The Modern University. Martha Salcudean, Mechanical Engineering. Green College at 5pm. Call 822-1878.

Stress Workshop

Strategic Stress Management. Brian Tucker, University Hill United Church. VST Chancellor Lounge at 7pm. Call 739-7279.

Cultural And Media Studies

Panel Discussion - The Arts Critic: Role, Rights, Responsibilities? Various speakers. Reception Green College Coach House at 7:15pm. Green College at 8pm. Call 822-1878.

Thursday, April 8

Pathology Distinguished Lecture Series

The Role Of IgE And Eosinophils In The Pathogenesis Of Allergen-Driven Airway Hyper-Responsiveness. Erwin Gelfand, chairman, Pediatrics, National Jewish Medical and Research Center. VGH, Eye Care Centre Aud. at 8am. Call Bruce Verchere 875-2490.

School Of Music Concert

UBC Symphony Orchestra. Catherine Wong, violin soloist; Jesse Read, director. Chan Centre Chan Shun Concert Hall at 12:30pm. Call 822-5574.

Genetics Graduate Seminar

Invasion Of The Jumping Genes: Can We Enslave The Migrant DNA. Gerald Meister. Wesbrook 201 at 3:30pm. Refreshments. Call 822-8764.

Physics And Astronomy Colloquium

Decoherence, Chaos And The Second Law. Wojciech Zurek, Los Alamos. Hennings 201 at 4pm. Refreshments Hennings 325 at 3:45pm. Call 822-2137; 822-3631.

Policy Issues In B.C. Post-Secondary Education

Difference, Globalization And The Internationalization Of Curriculum. Fazal Rizvi, director, Monash Centre for Research in International Education. Green College at 4:30pm. Call 822-1878.

Friday, April 9

Pediatric Grand Rounds

From Genes To Gene Therapy: Medicine In The Millennium. Prof. Michael Hayden, Medical Genetics. GF Strong Aud. from 9-10am. Call Ruth Giesbrecht 875-2307.

Health Care And Epidemiology Rounds

Historical Trends In Epidemiology Of Injury And Industrial Disease In B.C. 1950-1996. Aleck Ostry. Mather 253 from 9-10am. Paid parking available in Lot B. Call 822-2772.

Swim Meet

Canadian Dolphins Swim Club Invitational Swim Meet And Pentdolphinlon. UBC Aquatic Centre at 9am (preliminaries); 4pm (finals). Continues to April 11. Register with organizer. Call 822-9623.

Electrical And Computer Engineering Seminar

Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radar Technology. Prof. M. Hussain, Kuwait U. MacLeod 214 from 12:30-1:30pm. Refreshments. Call 822-2405.

Ecology, Evolution And Biodiversity Seminar

The 1999 Evolution Lecture: Dynamics Of Adaptation And Divergence During 20,000 Generations Of Experimental Evolution Of E. Coli. Prof. Richard Lenski, Michigan State U. FNSB 60 at 12:30pm. Call 822-2069.

Occupational Hygiene Seminar

Does Economics Have A Place In The Evaluation of Occupational And Environmental Health? Robin Hanvelt, Health Care and Epidemiology. UBC Hosp., Koerner Pavilion G-279 from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-9302.

Earth And Ocean Sciences Colloquium

Faults And Fluids: What Can We Learn About Brittle Failure In The Crust From Shallow Subsurface Hydrology? Stu Rojstaczer, Duke U. GeoSciences 330-A at 3pm. Call 822-3278.

Mathematics Colloquium

Surfaces Of Constant Mean Curvature In R3. Prof. Daniel Pollack, U of Washington. Math 100 at 3:30pm. Refreshments Math Annex 1115 at 3:15pm. Call 822-2666.

Equality, Security And Community Colloquium

Education And Social Capital. John Helliwell, Economics. Green College Coach House from 3:30-5pm. Call 822-4870; 822-1878.

Chemical Engineering Weekly Seminar

A Comparative Study Of Titanium-Containing Aluminophosphate Molecular Sieves TAPO-5, -11, -31, and -36. Serge Kaliaguine, Laval U. ChemEng 206 at 3:30pm. Call 822-3601.

Astronomy Colloquium

The Evolution Of The ISM In Star-Forming Galaxies. Eric Wilcots, U of Wisconsin. Hennings 318 at 4pm. Refreshments at 3:30pm. Call 822-2267.

School Of Music Concert

UBC Symphony Orchestra. Catherine Wong, violin soloist; Jesse Read, director. Chan Centre Chan Shun Concert Hall at 8pm. Call 822-5574.

Saturday, April 10

Focus Meeting

The Aging Brain And Neurodegeneration. M. Cynader; J. Stoessl, D. Doudet. IRC #5 from 8am-3pm. Call 875-5470.

UBC Botanical Garden Lecture

What Plant Where. Judy Newton. UBC Botanical Garden Reception Centre from 9am-12noon. $25; $22 members. To register call 822-3928.

69th Annual Dinner

Vancouver Oxford And Cambridge Society. Prof. John Helliwell. Green College Great Hall at 6:30pm. Call 669-1170.

Spring Gala Concert

UBC Medical Students. Chan Centre Chan Shun Concert Hall at 7:30pm. $10 - proceeds to Canuck Place. Call Ticketmaster 280-3311 or for more info. 822-2697.

Vancouver Institute Lecture

How The Media Undermine Democracy. James Fallows, journalist, author, media critic. IRC #2 at 8:15pm. Call 822-3131.

Sunday, April 11


Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra, Fraser Valley Symphony. Chan Centre Chan Shun Concert Hall at 2pm. Call Ticketmaster 280-3311 or for more info. 822-2697.


Octagon `99: A Showcase Of Eight Celebrated Canadian Musicians. Chan Centre Chan Shun Concert Hall at 8pm. Call Ticketmaster 280-3311 or for more info. 822-2697.

Monday, April 12

Fine Arts Graduation Show

UBC Fourth Year BFA Graduation Show. Asian Centre Aud. from 11am-4pm. Continues to April 26, closed weekends. Web site: or call 822-3462.

Biochemistry And Molecular Biology Seminar

Control Of Cell Fate Determination In Drosophila: The Roles Of Notch And The Nemo Kinase. Esther M. Verheyen, Biological Sciences, SFU. IRC #4 at 3:45pm. Refreshments at 3:30pm. Call 822-3178.

Astronomy Colloquium

The Next Generation Space Telescope. James Graham. U of California. Hennings 318 at 4pm. Refreshments at 3:30pm. Call 822-2267.

Green College Lecture

Machines, Information And Knowledge. Prof. Alistair MacFarlane, U of Cambridge. Green College at 7:30pm. Call 822-6291; 822-8660; 822-1878.

St. John's College Lecture

The Question Of Exile In The Works Of Nancy Huston. Valia Spiliotopoulos. St. John's College Fairmont Lounge at 8pm. Call 822-8788.

Tuesday, April 13

MOA Public Program

Researching Freddie Alexi - A World Of Discovery. Doreen Jensen, Gitxsan artist, writer, and researcher. MOA at 7pm. Call 822-5087.


Gil Shaham, violinist; Akira Eguchi, piano. Chan Centre Chan Shun Concert Hall at 8pm. Call Ticketmaster 280-3311 or for more info. 822-2697.

Wednesday, April 14

Orthopedics Grand Rounds

Developments In Rheumatoid Fore Foot Reconstruction. Dr. Alastair Younger. VGH, Eye Care Centre Aud. at 7am. Call 875-4192.

Ecology, Evolution And Biodiversity Seminar

Antarctic Pinnipeds: Differing Strategies For Prey Acquisition. John Bengtson, National Marine Mammal Laboratory. FNSB 60 at 4:30pm. Call 822-2069.

Respiratory Research Seminar

Functional Outcomes Following Lung Transplantation. Dr. Robert Levy, Medicine. VGH, doctors' residence, third floor conference room from 5-6pm. Call 875-5663.

St. John's College Speaker Series

Forest Management In B.C. Antje Wahl, Forestry. St. John's Fairmont Lounge at 8pm. Call 822-8788.

Thursday, April 15

Health, Safety And Environment Course

Occupational First Aid Level I. Vancouver Fire Hall #10, 2992 Wesbrook Mall from 8:30am-4:30pm. $90. To register call Pamela Rydings 822-2029.

Earth And Ocean Sciences Colloquium

Phanerozoic Continental Drainage And Nd Isotopes In Sedimentary Rocks Of North America. Gerry Ross, Geology and Geophysics, U of Calgary. GeoSciences 330-A at 12:30pm. Call 822-3278.

Medieval And Renaissance Discussion

Medieval And Renaissance Apocalyptic Panel Discussion. Various speakers. Green College at 4:30pm. Call 822-1878.

Agricultural Sciences Lecture

Threats To Marine Ecosystems Worldwide (And Solutions To The Problem). Tundi Agardy, senior director, Coastal Marine Conservation Program, Conservation International. Chan Centre Royal Bank Cinema at 8pm. Call 822-1219.

Friday, April 16

Health Care And Epidemiology Rounds

Tale Of Three Cities: Contrasting Patterns Of Respiratory-Related Diseases In Mexico City, Vancouver And Prague. Robert Hogg; various speakers. Mather 253 from 9-10am. Paid parking available in Lot B. Call 822-2772.

Pediatric Grand Rounds

Hello Dolly: The Implications Of Cloning. Dr. Patricia Baird, Canadian Institute For Advanced Research. GF Strong Aud. from 9-10am. Call Ruth Giesbrecht 875-2307.


Brandenburg Concerti 1-6. Vancouver Symphony Orchestra In Concert. Chan Centre Chan Shun Concert Hall 8pm. Call Ticketmaster 280-3311 or for more info 822-2697.

Saturday, April 17

Art Exhibit

Genevieve Cadieux. Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery from 10am-5pm. Continues to June 13, Tues.-Fri. 10am-5pm; Sat.-Sun. 12noon-5pm. $2 adults; $1 seniors; free for students, UBC faculty, staff. Web site: or call 822-2759.

MOA Exhibit Opening Ceremony

Nunavutmiutanik Elisasiniq - A Tribute to the People of Nunavut. MOA at 7pm. Exhibit continues to Sept. 9. Free to UBC students, staff, faculty. Web site: or 822-5950.


Brandenburg Concerti 1-6. Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Chan Centre Chan Shun Concert Hall 8pm. Call Ticketmaster 280-3311 or for more info 822-2697.


UBC Food Services Exam Hours

Effective April 12-30. Pacific Spirit Place from 7:30am-2pm; Subway from 7:30am-7:30pm; Barn from 7:30am-4pm; Trekkers from 9am-2pm; Express at Trekkers from 7:30am-7pm; Yum Yum's from 8am-2:45pm; Bread Garden from 7:30am-4:30pm; IRC from 8am-3:30pm; Arts200 and Edibles closed. See ad in this paper. Web site: or call 822-3663.

University Women's Club Reception

The University Women's Club Of Vancouver invites women graduates from universities worldwide to attend the Spring Prospective Members Reception on April 8 at Hycroft, 1489 McRae Avenue, Vancouver from 6-8pm to meet members, hear about current and upcoming events and tour the Heritage clubhouse. For information and reservations call 731-4661.

Museum Of Anthropology Exhibition

Nunavutmiutanik Elisasiniq. The official opening ceremony for this exhibit of Inuit sculpture will be on Saturday, April 17, to coincide with and honor the first official day of existence of Nunavut. Continues to August 31. Free to UBC students, staff, faculty. Web site: or call 822-5087 or 822-5950.

Gardens Open

The Nitobe Memorial Garden, UBC Botanical Garden and Shop in the Garden will be open until October 11 (inclusive) from 10am-6pm daily (including weekends). For the gardens call 822-9666 and the Shop 822-4529.

Vancouver (European) Handball Team

Is looking for players at all levels. We meet Fridays from 8-10pm at the Osborne Gym. For more information, visit our Web site: http:\\ or call 822-4576.

Female Volunteers

Daughters who have returned home to live with their parents are needed for a PhD psychology study. An interview at your convenience is required. Please call Michele 269-9986.

Twin Research

Are you, or do you know a female adult twin? We are studying the relationship types of fraternal and identical female twins. If you can help by completing some questionnaires and being interviewed about relationships, please e-mail: or call Tannis MacBeth, Psychology 822 4826.

UBC Utilities Advisory Notice

UBC Utilities regularly performs maintenance work on underground piping and electrical systems. Work sites are always blocked off with appropriate signs and barriers, however sometimes these signs and barriers are removed by unauthorized individuals. Please approach work sites cautiously and respect signs and/or work crew instructions to avoid potential harm. If you have any questions concerning a UBC Utilities work site, please call 822-9445.

Research Study

I am a grad student looking for families with an autistic child(ren) to answer a questionnaire regarding the effects of raising autistic children. The child must be seven years old or younger. Please call Keri Smalley 738-8025.

TRIUMF Public Tours

An 80 min. tour takes place every Wednesday and Friday at 1pm. Free parking. Continues to April 30. To arrange for a group tour call 222-7355 or Web site:


Faculty, Staff and Grad Students Volleyball Group. Every Monday and Wednesday. Osborne Centre Gym A from 12:30-1:30pm. No fees. Drop-ins and regular attendees welcome for friendly competitive games. Call 822-4479 or e-mail

UBC Zen Society

Each Monday during term (except holidays) meditation session. Asian Centre Tea Gallery from 1:30-2:20pm. All welcome. Call 822-2573.

Parents with Babies

Have you ever wondered how babies learn to talk? Help us find out! We are looking for parents with babies between four to 21 months of age to participate in language development studies. If you are interested in bringing your baby for a one-hour visit, please call Dr. Janet Werker's Infant Studies Centre, Psychology, 822-6408 (ask for Kate).

Studies in Hearing and Communication

Senior (65 years or older) volunteers needed. If your first language is English and your hearing is relatively good, we need your participation in studies examining hearing and communication abilities. All studies take place at UBC. Hearing screened. Honorarium paid. Please call The Hearing Lab, 822-9474.

Parents With Toddlers

Did you know your child is a word-learning expert? Help us learn how children come to be so skilled at learning new words! We are looking for children (two-four years old) and their parent(s) to participate in language studies. If you are interested in bringing your child for a 45-minute visit, please call Asst. Prof. Geoffrey Hall's Language Development Centre, Psychology at UBC, 822-9294 (ask for Kelley).

Relationship Research Study

Heterosexual men (25 years of age and older), in relationships of greater than six months needed for a UBC study of relationships. Complete questionnaire at home, receive $10. Call 822-2151.

UBC Campus Tours

The Student Recruitment Office offers guided walking tours of the UBC campus. The tour begins at 9:30am every Friday morning at Brock Hall. To book a tour please call 822-4319.


The British Columbia Seniors Medication Information Line (BC SMILE), answered by licensed pharmacists, is a free telephone hotline established to assist seniors, their families and caregivers with any medication-related questions including side effects, drug interactions, and the misuses of prescription and non-prescription drugs when it is not possible to direct such questions to their regular pharmacist or
physician. M-F, 10am-4pm.
Call 822-1330 or e-mail

Statistical Consulting And Research Lab (SCARL)

SCARL offers long- or short-term statistical and analytical assistance to UBC researchers. Resources include expertise in many areas of statistical methodology and a variety of statistical software. Web site:, e-mail or call 822-4037.

Parent-Child Relationship Study

Are you a parent of a child who is still in school? Would you like to help me understand how parents know that they are important? Complete a survey in your own home and return your responses by pre-paid mail. Call Sheila Marshall 822-5672.

UBC Fencing Club

UBC Fencing Club meets every Wednesday 8:30-10:30pm, Friday 6-10pm and Sunday 3-7pm in Osborne Gym A. Learn decision making, poise and control. Newcomers welcome. Drop-in fee. Leave message at 878-7060.

UBC Birding

Join a one-hour birding walk around UBC Campus, every Thursday at 12:30pm. Meet at the Rose Garden flagpole. Bring binoculars if you have them. For details, call Jeremy Gordon 822-8966.

Chan Centre Tours

Free tours of the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts are held every Tuesday. Participants are asked to meet in the Chan Centre main lobby at noon. Special group tours can be booked through or at 822-1815.

Got A Stepfather?

17-23 years old? Love him, hate him or indifferent, you qualify. $10 for 30 min., anonymous questionnaire, student or non-student, mailed survey. Contact or Susan at 822-4919.

Faculty Women's Club

The Faculty Women's Club is composed of academic faculty, professional staff and post-doctoral fellows at UBC and its affiliates. It brings together women connected to the university either through their work or that of the spouses, for social activities and lectures. Its main purpose is to raise funds for student scholarships. There are 18 different interest groups within the club. Come and join us! Call Louise Klaassen, president 222-1983; Marya McDonald, membership 738-7401.

Research Study

5-12 year old children are needed to participate in UBC Psychology research to learn more about the ways children respond to questions about cartoons and stories. Please call Assoc. Prof. Johnston's lab at 822-9037.