Campus leads way for community charity

Members of UBC's community are among the strongest supporters of the United Way of the Lower Mainland.

"It's not really surprising that a community the size of UBC was able to raise $292,000 for the United Way last year," says 1998 UBC United Way Campaign Chair Eilis Courtney. "What is remarkable is that more than $100,000 of that came from 148 people."

In 1997, UBC had 67 Leaders of the Way - individuals who donated $1,000 or more - and 81 Discoverers ($500 or more).

"The number of Leaders at UBC is greater than in any other employee campaign in the Lower Mainland," says Courtney, manager of UBC's Ceremonies Office.

"This year, with President Martha Piper as honorary chair, we're optimistic about surpassing our goal of $300,000."

UBC will launch its 1998 United Way Campaign, whose theme is "Building Community Together," with a salmon barbecue at the First Nations Longhouse Oct. 19 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

United Way of the Lower Mainland is a volunteer-led, registered charitable organization that focuses on needs in the Lower Mainland. One in three people in the Lower Mainland use the services of one of the 105 agencies supported by the United Way.

"UBC is a community in itself, but it is also part of the greater Lower Mainland community. As residents in that larger community we have a responsibility to participate and support community needs," says Courtney.

UBC community members who choose to donate through the UBC campaign have the option of specifying which of the United Way's member agencies is to receive their donation.

"If even half the employees on campus donated $5 per paycheque, which they can have deducted automatically, we could top $500,000 in donations from UBC, and that's not including anything raised by students," Courtney said.

The Alma Mater Society and the Graduate Student Society are working with the UBC United Way committee in raising awareness and funds.

Courtney is also looking for faculty, staff and student volunteers to help with the campaign. She can be reached at 822-8929. For further information visit the campaign Web site at