Patricia Marchak has been elected by faculty to the Board of Governors.

A former dean of Arts, Marchak is a professor in the Anthropology and Sociology Dept. and the Institute for Resources and Environment. She served as head of the Anthropology and Sociology Dept. from 1987 to 1990.

A UBC graduate, Marchak is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and president of its Humanities and Social Sciences Academy. Her areas of special interest include the sociology of the forest and fishing industries, and political ideologies.

Anatomy Prof. Joanne Emerman has been re-elected to the board.

Emerman, who is also associate dean, Research, in the Faculty of Medicine, was elected by faculty to the board in 1996.

Prof. Emeritus Michael Smith has been inducted into the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame.

Smith won the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in reprogramming the genetic codes found in DNA.

He is the director of Vancouver's Genome Sequence Centre, the first research centre in Canada devoted to decoding human genes.

Linda Harmon has been appointed director of Business Relations in External Affairs effective Nov. 1.

Harmon has an extensive background in national and international marketing and sponsorship.

In addition to working for the 1999 PanAm Games and the 1998 Commonwealth Games, she served as sponsorship manager for the International Conference on AIDS in Vancouver.

Business Relations helps the university find alternative sources of revenue through preferred supplier partnership agreements. A comprehensive set of guidelines developed by an advisory committee of faculty, staff and students ensures that the university preserves its fundamental and ethical values as it enters these partnerships.

William Sauder was recently re-elected by acclamation to serve a second term as university chancellor.

A UBC graduate, Sauder is chair of International Forest Products and Sauder Industries Limited. He was a member of UBC's Board of Governors from 1981 to 1987, and served as chair of the board for the last two years of his term. He was named chancellor in June 1996.