Janice Moshenko, a lecturer in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, has been awarded the 1997 Bristol Myers Squibb Award for excellence in pharmaceutical teaching.

Moshenko started teaching in 1996, the same year she graduated from UBC with a master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She currently lectures and leads tutorials in two undergraduate courses in pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics.

The teaching award is based on student evaluations and is made at all pharmacy faculties across Canada.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has been granting the award since 1985 for excellence in teaching required undergraduate courses.

Sociology and Law Prof. Richard Ericson has been awarded a Canada Council Killam Research Fellowship for a study of the insurance industry.

The prestigious research award is one of only nine given this year to provide for up to two years of full-time study and writing.

An expert in matters of risk assessment and security, Ericson says understanding how insurance products are marketed and consumed will allow Canadians to make more informed decisions about security provisions.

Ericson is also principal of Green College.

UBC post doctoral fellow Shawn Marshall has been awarded a silver medal for doctoral research by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.

In a theoretical study, Marshall linked Ice Age surges -- catastrophic events in which fast-flowing streams delivered huge volumes of ice to the oceans, influencing ocean levels and global climate -- to intrinsic instability of ice motion processes.

His computer simulation of these surges, a world first, has provided new insight into the behavior and stability of ice sheets and a new test for global climate models.

Marshall is continuing his research in geophysics in the Dept. of Earth and Ocean Sciences.

UBC students captured first and second prizes at the 12th annual Pulp and Paper Graduate Students' Seminar held recently at McGill University.

This is the first time UBC has captured first and second prizes in the seminar.

Top prize went to MSc candidate Sylvie Bouffard for her presentation on using minerals to treat paper mill effluent. A presentation dealing with fluid mechanics in modern paper machines earned second prize for PhD candidate Alireza Roshanzamir.