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Government to fund more student spots

UBC's financial outlook for the 1998/99 academic year is becoming clearer following the provincial government's announcement earlier this month of a continued tuition fee freeze and additional funding to B.C. colleges and universities to add new spaces for students.

English scholar earns top Arts faculty award

A Shakespeare scholar who has led efforts to computerize the humanities and promote gay and lesbian studies has won the Dean of Arts Award for 1998.

Medical researchers get federal shot in the arm

UBC health scientists have received research grants worth more than $2 million from the Medical Research Council of Canada (MRC).

Expert zeros in on snow -- B.C.'s natural killer

As a mountaineer and backcountry skier, Prof. David McClung knows that his knowledge of avalanches can mean the difference between life and death.

Now new funding for his research on avalanche prediction and prevention means his knowledge will be more widely shared with the B.C. industries most affected by avalanches.

Humanities 101 aims to break down barriers

What would happen if 20 people from Vancouver's poorest neighborhoods came to the university twice each week to study history, philosophy and literature. Would it change their lives? Would it change UBC?

Rick Hansen Institute names vice-president

Former London, Ont. Transit Commission head Greg Latham has been appointed vice-president of the Rick Hansen Institute effective April 15.

Ocean impact on fish chair's focus

In formally bringing together fisheries and oceanography for the first time, the Faculty of Science has taken a step towards understanding the impact that physical and chemical changes in the oceans have on fish populations.

Dam standoffs diverted thanks to IRE expert's work

Bitter disputes surrounding dam megaprojects around the world are closer to being resolved, thanks to an agreement facilitated by Tony Dorcey, a UBC expert in sustainable development.

Special BC Studies issue devoted to First Nations

An interview with First Nations cultural leader Doreen Jensen and an epic poem by the late Charles Lillard are two of the highlights of a special double issue of BC Studies published this month.

Cost of ecology new unit's focus

How much should British Columbians pay to increase wilderness protection? How much cost should fishers bear to bring back coho salmon?