Starting this summer, eligible UBC employees will be able to get a 15 per cent break on transit passes. Employees will be able to sign up for a monthly transit pass, or Fare Card, at discount. In order to obtain the discount, employees are required to commit to the purchase of 12 consecutive monthly Fare Cards through payroll deduction.

With the discount, employees will pay $46 per month instead of $54 for a one-zone pass, $67 instead of $78 for two-zones, and $88 instead of $103 for three zones.

Although employees are committed to paying for 12 months, employees who don't use the pass for one of the 12 months will still save money over the regular retail price.

Application forms can be downloaded from the Internet at or, for more information or to receive and application form by fax, call 341-RIDE.

The UBC Bookstore is on the shortlist of nominees for the Canadian Booksellers Association's Campus Bookseller of the Year Award.

The UBC Bookstore entry drew attention to its selection of trade and textbook titles which reflect the diverse needs of the university community; strong support of Canadian authors and publishers; experienced staff; and the new Fast Start Textbook Reservation Service, which allows first- and second-year students to pre-order and pick up textbooks before the term begins.

The award is given annually to a university or college campus bookseller in recognition of excellence in book retailing. The winner will be announced in Toronto on June 19.