Lecture series probes mysteries of the brain

The winter 1998 Science First! series of nine seminars dedicated to exploring the brain starts today with one called Development: How Your Brain Gets Wired.

Today's lecture, which starts at 12:30 p.m. in room 100 of the Wesbrook Building, examines how a nervous system develops and is maintained. Presenters include assistant professors Vanessa Auld, Zoology Dept., Timothy O'Connor, Anatomy Dept. and Jane Roskams, Psychiatry Dept.

The lecture series takes place every Thursday. Worming Through Our Memories is the topic of a lecture on learning and memory that takes place next Thursday, Jan. 15. The following week , Baby Listen -- Baby Talk examines behavioural development in children.

Other presentations discuss imaging of the brain, degenerative brain disease, and artificial intelligence and robots.

The lecture series, designed by Assoc. Dean of Science Jülyet Benbasat, aims to interest undergraduate students in scientific investigation and discovery. Researchers from departments including physics, neurology, computer science and psychology are participating.

For further information call 822-5552 or check www.science.ubc.ca/seminars/seminarseries.html.