A Province newspaper reviewer describes them like this: "They leave the competition in the dust! Soft, sweet and  smooth. Not too thick, not too thin. They've got soul."

"They" are UBC's legendary cinnamon buns.

The buns, a longtime favourite in UBC's cafeterias and eateries, were recently ranked number one in Vancouver by the daily newspaper out of a field of bakery, café and food store buns.

"Light texture and a rich caramel/cinnamon flavour that's literally soaked-in make these a hugely satisfying way to combat morning sweet-tooth syndrome. No wonder these buns are legendary," Province reporter Anne Garber wrote.

Indeed, it's not the first time UBC's buns have emerged at the top of the heap. They are often rated best in Vancouver and UBC Food Services fields frequent calls for the recipe. UBC alumni are often heard to reminisce about the sticky treats. One recent Commerce graduate and Alumni Association award winner, who now lives in New York City, was lucky enough to have the faculty courier a couple of the sticky buns to her after she was heard saying how much she missed them.

In the latest ratings, UBC's buns, which scored a nine out of 10, beat out competitors from Solly's Bagelry, the Lazy Gourmet, Spa at the Century, The Café in the Century Plaza, Buns Master Bakery, Café Zoom, and The Real Canadian Superstore.