Animal welfare, sustainable landscapes lecture topics

Horticulturist Judith Zuk, head of one of North America's pre-eminent public gardens, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, is one of several speakers featured in a free public lecture series hosted by UBC's Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.

UBC animal welfare researcher Prof. David Fraser, Zuk, and regenerative landscape expert John Lyle will speak as part of the ongoing Community Lecture Series held at the Pacific Space Centre (Planetarium). All lectures begin at 8 p.m.

Fraser, who holds the UBC/NSERC Research Chair in Animal Welfare, has more than 20 years' experience dealing with animal welfare issues. His presentation, Caring for Animals in a World of Colliding Values, takes place Feb. 12.

Zuk is a horticulturist with experience as an educator, researcher and administrator. Her presentation, on March 19, is entitled From Garbage to Green Peppers: A Partnership in Building Communities.

John Lyle, director of California's Institute for Regenerative Landscapes, will give a presentation entitled Regenerative Design for Productive Urban Landscapes on April 9. Lyle believes that regenerative design, in which resources flow through a sustainable cycle rather than in a linear direction, is key to sustainable development, whether in housing, farming or watershed management.

For information or to reserve a seat call the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at 822-2620.