Alumni, students ease newcomers' way

A new campus group, UBC Future Alumni, has been formed to bring students and alumni closer together.

Similar student alumni groups are active on many campuses, especially in the U.S. but also across Canada, says Kristin Smith, a program co-ordinator with the Alumni Association.

"I think it's a great idea," says Christopher Gorman, UBC Future Alumni president and a fourth-year Arts student. "When a student graduates, it should be a natural progression for him or her to get involved with the Alumni Association."

The new student group will join Alumni Association members in events and activities such as mentoring programs, murder mystery nights and student send-offs.

This August, student send-off socials will be held in Hong Kong, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Prince George and Kelowna. Current students will join alumni in seeing that new students feel more welcome as they prepare to come to UBC.

"With current students involved in the send-offs, new students will have contacts here as soon they arrive, and that will help ease their transition to a new city," Smith says.

The UBC Future Alumni also plan fund-raisers like exam stress kits -- a care package that parents can buy to boost students' spirits during finals.

There are no fees to join the Future Alumni and every current UBC student is eligible, Gorman says.

For more information, call Kristin Smith at 822-8643 or e-mail at