Donations help needy students balance books

Thanks to donations, students this fall will benefit from 50 new financial awards worth about $415,000.

That's welcome news for those in financial need.

More than $19 million is now available annually for student scholarships, bursaries, prizes, fellowships, research grants and loans.

"The funding available for students at UBC permits them to devote more time to their studies and less time to earning an income to support their study," says Awards and Financial Aid Director Carol Gibson.

"Since awards for academic merit appear on transcripts, they also become an important addition to the student's resume."

In addition to the new awards available this fall, Gibson says approximately 40 more are expected to be approved before December.

From 1993 to 1996, new donor funding made an additional $1.5 million available to students. Bursaries and UBC loans amounting to $2.8 million were given last year to help students with demonstrated financial need.

"The funding provided to UBC expresses appreciation for the education students received while attending UBC as well as appreciation for the important role UBC plays within the community," says Shannon von Kaldenberg, director of the Development Office. "It also expresses confidence in the university and its programs, faculty, staff and stewardship."

Alumni, faculty, staff, graduating students and members of the community as well as unions, companies and organizations are among those donors supporting students.

The Awards and Financial Aid Office and the Faculty of Graduate Studies administer some 14,000 separate student awards.