Picture of Taste of JoyEver wonder what that temporary staff member from UBC's Limited Time Only (LTO) office does when they are not busy holding your office or department together?

Staff in the Public Affairs Office were recently surprised to learn that their temp, two-year UBC LTO veteran Michele Gould, moonlights as a singer/songwriter and pop musician.

Although she says she's now better known in Germany than in Canada, music fans may remember Gould as one of the two blond singer/musicians with the band Lava Hay. With hits "Baby" and "Waiting For An Answer," Lava Hay put out three independent albums in Canada between 1986 and 1992.

Since then, Gould has been writing songs and fronting the band Taste of Joy. Taste of Joy's first album, recorded for the Nettwerk label, to whom singer Sarah McLachlan is signed, has brought success in Germany, where Gould has undertaken several tours. Gould is now signed with Edel Company and will soon be recording Taste of Joy's second album, for which she has more than 40 songs to choose from.

Gould, a native of Newfoundland who has been heard singing on the job, also performed three songs for the soundtrack of the acclaimed and controversial movie Kissed shown recently at the Cannes Film Festival.

"Working at UBC helps keep me grounded," says Gould, who hasn't let her star status change her approach to life. "Without UBC I'm afraid I would be quickly swept up in that star life of limousines, wild parties and exorbitant spending. And, God knows, I'm not interested in that."