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School's opening ushers in new era

The Sing Tao School of Journalism passed another milestone last week with the official opening of the building that will house it.

Coke money improves access for the disabled

Project funding totalling $734,000 will be available this year from the Coca-Cola Disability Access Fund to make the University of British Columbia campus more accessible to people with disabilities.

Innovation `97 pulls festivities together

Innovation '97 organizers and dozens of volunteers and supporters are working to increase community spirit on campus and get more people involved in campus events.

UBC, SFU join to tackle gov't, business issues

A joint SFU-UBC Centre for the Study of Government and Business will study the role of governments in the Canadian economy and the relationship between government and business in Canada.

Counsellors help families cope with DNA diseases

"Your baby has Down's syndrome."

Hearing these words parents need information, understanding and support. A UBC graduate in genetic counselling may be the one to help.

Program roots out cultural causes of tooth decay

"No cavities!" is the good news children and parents are hearing more often these days. But for children from some cultural groups, the news isn't so good.

Graduate college not only meets, but surpasses goals, review finds

According to a recent report, Green College, UBC's first graduate college, has already exceeded both its social and academic objectives, and achieved a successful marriage of "ideas and friendship" -- the college's motto.

Low-fat fare earns high marks from food lovers

Healthy restaurant fare has won a hearty endorsement from any restaurant's greatest critics--its customers.

UBC researchers found that hundreds of diners at nine Vancouver restaurants consistently ranked lower fat menu items as being significantly more satisfying than regular menu items.

Facility hones in hearing

A new research and training facility within the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences will help clinicians assess and rehabilitate children and adults with hearing loss more effectively.