UBC Reports
October 16, 1997

UBC's own to play key innovation role

Prof. Keith Brimacombe, director of UBC's Centre for Metallurgical Process Engineering, has been appointed president and chief executive officer of the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

The foundation was created in the 1997 federal budget as an independent organization to support innovation and research. It will provide financial support for the modernization of research infrastructure at Canadian post-secondary educational institutions and research hospitals in the areas of health, environment, science and engineering.

Brimacombe forged his reputation in industry and academia by combining complex mathematical modelling with fundamental studies of physical and chemical phenomena, and direct measurement of industrial processes, particularly in Canadian steel mills.

Earlier this year he was awarded the Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering, the nation's top award in the field, sponsored by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

Foundation Chair John Evans also announced the appointments of nine new members of the foundation including UBC microbiology Prof. Julia Levy, a founder of QLT Photo-
therapeutics Inc. UBC President Martha Piper was appointed as a member earlier this year.

Brimacombe will be responsible for developing and implementing policies and programs designed to modernize Canada's research infrastructure. They will also build partnerships with the private, voluntary and public sectors to invest in research infrastructure projects in Canadian institutions.