Student fellowship lasting APEC legacy

UBC has announced the creation of an APEC Graduate Fellowship established with $250,000 from the President's Fund, an endowment which supports various campus initiatives.

The new fellowship, which will provide $15,000 each year for a graduate student, commemorates the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation Economic Leaders' Meeting. The leaders met at UBC's Museum of Anthropology Nov. 25.

The APEC Graduate Fellowship is one of a number of university-supported APEC initiatives that will benefit students, teaching and scholarly research at UBC.

"It is fellowships such as this that help to maintain UBC's ability to attract the most academically capable students from around the world," said Daniel Birch, vice-president, Academic and Provost.

University graduate fellowships are among the most prestigious awards offered at UBC. They are open to any graduate student with superior academic qualifications and are unrestricted by program or area of study.

Linkages may also be made between the fellowship and St. John's College UBC or Green College, both of which provide a broad international focus across many academic disciplines.

About one-quarter of UBC's graduate students are here on international visas, drawn from dozens of countries around the world, including all of the APEC economies.