Remarkable students earn Wesbrook honour

Fifteen students have been named Wesbrook Scholars, an honorary designation for outstanding achievement among undergraduates.

Awarded annually, the honour is reserved for a maximum of 20 students who are nominated by their faculty or school and selected by a committee. The students receive a certificate, a memento, and the designation appears on their permanent academic record.

Candidates must have completed at least one Winter Session at UBC, be in their penultimate or final year of undergraduate studies or in the MD or DDS programs, stand in the top 10 per cent of their faculty or school, and demonstrate the ability to serve, work with and lead others.

The awards are sponsored by the Wesbrook Society, an organization of the university's major benefactors.

This year's Wesbrook Scholars are:

Veronica Bergeron, Medicine; Alix Bunyan, Arts; Stephanie Chan, Law; Samuel Chow, Science; Michael Edwards, Education; Kimberly Eldred, Law; Erin Hasinoff, Medicine; Balvindar Singh Johal, Science; Kirsten Jordan, Medicine; Damien Liu, Education; Kari Maaren, Arts; Peter Neufeld, Medicine; Chris Radziminski, Science; Sundiep Tehara, Applied Science; Jeremy Van Raamsdonk, Science.

Also joining the ranks of the Wesbrook Scholars are winners of the Sherwood Lett, Harry Logan, Amy E. Sauder and Jean Craig Smith, John H. Mitchell, and C.K. Choi scholarships, who automatically receive the designation.

They are: John Cameron, Law (Sherwood Lett Memorial Scholarship); Peter Leong-sit, Science (C.K. Choi Scholarship); Francesca Marzari, Law (John H. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship); Karen Mountifield, Education (Harry Logan Memorial Scholarship); and Debra Parkes, Law (Amy E. Sauder and Jean Craig Smith Scholarships).