Students vote `no' to new technology fee

Students voted four to one in opposition to the implementation of a $90 student technology fee during a referendum held April 9-16.

"Obviously, given the outcome of the referendum, we are going to recommend to the board that the fee not be implemented," said Maria Klawe, vice-president, Student and Academic Services.

The student technology fee, aimed at providing students with better access to information technology, was recommended by the Advisory Committee on Information Technology with input from representatives of the Alma Mater Society and Graduate Student Society.

Of the nearly 6,000 students who voted on the fee, 4,644 voted against with 1,157 voting in favour.

Klawe said the student technology fee was to be used to pay for improvements that would directly benefit students such as more and better computer labs, dial-in-access, software training and help.

"The situation this leaves us in now is that there are a lot of things we will not be able to do for the coming year," she said. "Some issues can be addressed by having students pay for more services, such as dial-in-access, if they want them."

Other activities, such as upgrading computer labs, will be put on hold.