Applied Science Dean Axel Meisen was recently awarded an Honorary Professorship in Engineering from the University of Piura in Peru. Meisen was recognized for his research in natural gas processing and other areas, his numerous technical publications, his promotion of international accreditation systems for engineers (including the establishment of such systems in Latin America), and the creation of the first co-operative education programs in Peru. Meisen is a strong proponent of international accreditation programs for engineers and has worked closely with international colleagues to further the process. He will step down this summer as dean of the Faculty of Applied Science after 12 years.

Nemkumar Banthia, an associate professor in the Dept. of Civil Engineering, has been awarded this year's Wason Medal by the American Concrete Institute. The award recognized his contributions in the field of fibre reinforced concrete, and will be given at the institute's spring convention in Seattle. A recipient of various other awards and honours worldwide, Banthia is affiliated with two Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence, one in High Performance Concrete and the other in Intelligent Sensing and Innovative Structures.