Input sought for governance study

Proposed terms of reference for a study concerning governance of the Greater Vancouver Regional District's Electoral Area A, which includes UBC, are being referred to interest groups for comment.

A review of Electoral Area A governance issues is required so that local government services can be effectively provided to the growing residential population on the UBC campus. The study will encompass all of Electoral Area A's four main areas: the UBC institutional core; the remainder of the campus lands; the University Hill community; and Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

Terms of reference for the study include the consideration of the need, present condition and appropriate present and future arrangements for local services, including physical services such as water, sewer, and garbage recycling; protective services such as police and fire; community services such as local parks, recreation, library and cultural services; and planning and administration.

The study will exclude any examination of primary and secondary education, health, and UBC as an institution under the Universities Act.

A consultation program will provide opportunities for input at various stages of the governance study.

The GVRD is seeking comment by April 3. Copies of the proposed terms of reference can be obtained from the GVRD's Electoral Areas Administration Office at 432-6340.