Food Services

Healthy food can be fast and fun

UBC Food Services is celebrating Nutrition Month in March by introducing new, low fat menu items and taking an active role in informing and educating its clients about the variety and value of healthy food choices on campus.

"Our customers are increasingly becoming more sophisticated and knowledgeable about food," said UBC Food Services director Judy Vaz. "We hope to take a leadership role in showing people how all foods can fit in their daily lives by emphasizing variety, moderation and balance."

Among the new low fat products now available at Food Services outlets across campus are muffins, pretzels, fresh fruit and Snackwells, a cookie which contains one gram of fat per serving. Low fat entrees are also being featured.

They join an existing line-up of healthy food alternatives which will continue to be served by Food Services including gourmet popcorn, bagels, vegetarian salad rolls and biscotti.

"Many customers may not be aware of all the low fat choices we present them with," Vaz said. "The noodle bar at Pacific Spirit Place, for example, is a light pasta alternative. Also, the salad bar features low fat dressings and the deli has several low fat meat selections and light mayonnaise and cream cheese."

Vaz emphasized the importance of recognizing that customers' needs also include fun and fast foods, hence this year's theme of All Foods Can Fit! during nutrition month.

"People may be surprised to hear that potato chips and Snickers bars are part of our nutrition month promotion," Vaz said.

"A 55-gram bag of potato chips only contains about two teaspoons of fat while a Snickers bar is high in protein which is an important energy source for our bodies."

All Food Services locations will be closed for Easter from March 28 to 31 except for residence dining rooms which will remain open from 8 a.m.-7 p.m. daily.

Summer hours of operation for Food Services outlets will be taking effect starting April 11. Check for postings at your favourite Food Services location, call the department at 822-3663 or visit the Food Services Web site at