Faculty help build foundation for talks

When transport ministers from the 18 APEC economies meet this month in Victoria, one of the key documents placed in front of them will be a paper by UBC Prof. Tae Oum and Assoc. Prof. Bill Waters.

Their paper will provide essential background for the ministers' deliberations on transport issues affecting the APEC economies. It will also highlight key issues including port and airport infrastructure requirements, transport financing, environmental concerns and privatization.

Oum and Waters, both of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, are two of many UBC academics directly or indirectly involved in substantive preparations for the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation leaders' meeting, Nov. 25 at UBC.

The academic involvement, along with the fact that one day of the leaders' meeting will be held in the Museum of Anthropology, helps to highlight UBC's position as a premier institution in Asia Pacific affairs in North America.

Other examples of APEC-related academic activity are:

Other UBC researchers are examining topics ranging from air quality in APEC cities to the economic role of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Asia Pacific.

The UBC APEC Web page, which contains basic information on APEC, UBC's involvement, and links to many other APEC Web sites, can be found at under "News, Events and Attractions."