A listing of UBC-related or UBC-sponsored events occurring on campus and off campus within the Lower Mainland from January 26 through February 8, 1997.

UBC Reports welcomes calendar submissions from members of the UBC community.

January 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31
February 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Sunday, Jan. 26

Green College Performing Arts Group

Wintertime Singing Around The Fire. Green College, 8pm. Call 822-6067.

Monday, Jan. 27

Modern European Studies Colloquium Series

Wagner's Music And The Question Of Antisemitism. Karl Zaenker, Germanic Studies. Buchanan penthouse, 3:30-5pm. Call 822-5969.

Mechanical Engineering Seminar

Real World Emissions For Motor Vehicles. Steve Rogak. CEME 1204, 3:30-4:30pm. Refreshments. Call 822-3904.

Applied Mathematics Colloquium

The Two-Separate Paths Problem. Tali Eilam, post doctoral student, Commerce. CSCI 301, 3:30pm. Call 822-4584.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Discussion Group Seminar

Site-Specific Substitution Studies Of Residues At The Active Site Of B-Galactosidase (E.Coli) That Bind The Transition State. Dr. Gene Huber, U of Calgary. IRC#4, 3:45pm. Refreshments at 3:30pm. Call 822-3178.

World History Speaker Series Lecture

Modes Of Imperialism In Latin America In The 19th And 20th Centuries. Prof. Alan Knight, St. Antony's College, Oxford U. Buchanan A-202, 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-2561.

Zoology Comparative Physiology Seminar

Muscle Mechanics In Swimming Fish. Bob Shadwick, UC-San Diego. BioSciences 2449, 4:30pm. Refreshments. Call 822-4228.

Tuesday, Jan. 28

Animal Science Seminar Series

Effect Of Enzyme And Mild Hydrothermal Treatment On The Nutritive Value Of Canola Meal For Dairy Cattle. Suzanne Gill, graduate student. Macmillan 158, 12:30pm. Refreshments. Call 822-4593.

Humanists' Society Lecture

Free Speech On The Internet: Principles And Controversy. Richard S. Rosenberg, Computer Science. Buchanan D-205, 12:30pm. Call 739-9822.

Multimedia Seminar

WebCT (WWW Course Tools) For On-Line Courses. Murray Goldberg, Computer Science; Bob Kubicek, Bonita Bray, History; David Sanderson, Human Kinetics; Patrick O'Brien, UCFV. Hebb, 2:30-4pm. Call 822-1851/822-3062.

Statistics Seminar

But Is It Statistics? A Decade Of Definitions. Jonathan Berkowitz, Statistical Consultant. CSCI 301, 4-5:30pm. Refreshments. Call 822-0570.

Graduate and Faculty Christian Forum Seminar

Is Christianity True? Prof. Hugo Meynell, Religious Studies, U Calgary. Buchanan penthouse, 4:15pm. Refreshments at 4pm. Call 822-3112.

World History Speaker Series Seminar

Cárdenas In Historical Perspective. Buchanan Tower 1206/07, 4:30-6pm. Reception to follow in Buchanan Penthouse. Call 822-5184/822-2561.

Green College Speaker Series

Right-Wing Politics And Feminism In Canada And The United States. Lisa Young, post doctoral student, Political Science. Green College, 5:30pm. Reception in Graham House 4:45-5:30pm. Call 822-6067.

Green College/Theatre, Film and Creative Writing

A Fireside Chat With Roy Surette, theatre director. Green College, 8pm. Call 822-6067.

Wednesday, Jan. 29

Orthopedics Grand Rounds

Review Of Cases: Division Of Trauma Morbidity And Mortality Rounds. Dr. H.M. Broekhuyse, Orthopedic Trauma. Vancouver Hospital/HSC Eye Care Centre auditorium, 7am. Call 875-4646.

Faculty Financial Planning Lecture Series

UBC Faculty Pension Operations And Benefits. Stan Hamilton and Marcelle Sprecher, Faculty Pension Plan. Angus 104, 12:30-1:20pm. Call 822-1433.

Your UBC Forum

Process For Handling Appeals And Complaints. Maria Klawe, VP Student/Academic Services, moderator. SUB conversation pit, 12:30-2pm. Call 822-6799.

Noon Hour Concert

Jeffrey Snedeker, natural horn; Marilyn Wilbanks, fortepiano; Martin Hackleman and Dawn Haylett, horns. Music Recital Hall, 12:30pm. $3 at the door. Call 822-5574.

Ecology/Biodiversity Research Seminar

Ecological Hypotheses And Permutation Tests: Putting Things In Order. Marie-Josee Fortin, U Sherbrooke. Family/Nutritional Sciences 60, 4:30pm. Refreshments Hut B-8, 4:10pm. Call 822-3957.

First Nations Discussion Circle

Marilyn Dumont, Poet And Author Of "A Really Good Brown Girl." Green College, 5pm. Call 822-6067.

Respiratory Research Seminar

Control Of Breathing In Hypometabolic States. Bill Milsom, Zoology. Vancouver Hospital/HSC, 2775 Heather St., 3rd floor conference room, 5-6pm. Call 875-5653.

Cultural and Media Studies Interdisciplinary Group

Citizenship, Democracy And Globalization. Mark Poster, History, U of California--Irvine. Green College, 8pm. Call 822-6067.

19th Century Studies

`In,' Not `Of' Post-colonial Studies In Asia. Joshua Mostow, Asian Studies. Green College, 8pm. Call 822-6067.

Thursday, Jan. 30

Anthropology and Sociology

Creating A Critical Health Technology Assessment: The Case Of The "Triple Test." Patricia Lee and Ken Bassett. ANSO 205, 12-1pm. Call 822-2878.

Law and Society Lunchtime Seminar

Euro-Canadian Fishing Law And Social Transformations In North Coast First Nations Customary Practice. Charles Menzies, Anthropology and Sociology. Green College, 12pm. Call 822-6067.

Arts Week '97

Arts Week '97 Hosts Its Poetry And Short Story Competition. Bookstore, 12:30-2:30pm. Limited seating. Call 822-2665.

Science First! Lecture Series

Herpes Simplex Virus Entry Into Host Cells: The Secret Handshake. Dr. Frank Tufaro, Microbiology and Immunology. IRC#6, 12:30-2:30pm. Discussion and refreshments to follow. Call 822-5552.

Human Kinetics Seminar

Rick Hansen And UBC: Past, Present And Future. Rick Hansen, director, Rick Hansen Institute. IRC#1, 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-3913.

Earth and Ocean Sciences Seminar

Seismic Imaging Of Massive Sulphide Deposits. Andy Calvert, Ecole Polytechnique. GeoSciences 330A, 12:30pm. Call 822-3466/822-2267.

Joan Carlisle-Irving Lecture Series

A Thousand Monster Opinions: The Coffee House And Print Culture In Restoration London. Joseph Monteyne, PhD candidate, Fine Arts. Lasserre 102, 12:30pm. Call 822-2757.


UBC Chamber Orchestra. Tawnya Popoff, viola soloist. Jesse Read, conductor. Music Recital Hall, 12:30pm. Call 822-3113.

Philosophy Colloquium

The Difference Between Deleuze's Difference And Derrida's Difference. Bruce Baugh, visiting professor. Buchanan D-202, 1-2:30pm. Call 822-3292.

Environmental Engineering Seminar

Environmental Issues In B.C. Vicky Husband, Sierra Club. CEME 1215, 3:30-4:30pm. Refreshments. Call 822-2637.

Physics and Astronomy Colloquium

Gravity, General Relativity. Don Page, U of Alberta. Hebb, 4pm. Refreshments at 3:45pm. Call 822-3853.

Leon and Thea Koerner Colloquium

Biological And Relational Aspects Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder In Children. Stephen P. Hinshaw, Psychology, U of California, Berkeley. Kenny 1210, 4pm. Call 822-6771.

BMB Discussion Group Seminar

RNA-Protein Interactions In The Regulation Of Coronavirus RNA-Dependent RNA. Dr. Michael M.C. Lai, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, U of Southern California. IRC#6, 4:15pm. Refreshments at 4pm. Call 822-3178.

Green College/CPSE Seminar

Issues In First Nations Post-Secondary Education. Grace Mirehouse, president, Assoc. Aboriginal Post-Secondary Institutes (BC); Sharilyn Calliou, director, T"skel Studies; Dawn Morrison, Native Education Centre. Green College, 4:30-6:30pm. Call 822-2593/822-6067.

Genetics Graduate Program Seminar

Characterization Of SaBR, A Novel Cell Surface Protein Involved In Lymphocyte Activation. Tracy Sexton, PhD candidate, Medical Genetics. Wesbrook 201, 4:30pm. Refreshments at 4:15pm. Call 822-8764.

Law and Society

Racialized Legal History. Constance Backhouse, Law, U of Western Ontario; Louis A. Knafla, History, U of Calgary, moderator. Green College, 7:30pm. Call 822-6067.

Friday, Jan. 31

Grand Rounds

Mitochondrial Diseases -- What Are They And How Do We Diagnose Them? Dr. Derek Applegarth, Dr. Lorne Clarke, Pediatrics and Medical Genetics. GF Strong auditorium, 9am. Call 875-2307.

Health Care and Epidemiology Rounds

Asleep In The Fast Lane: Public Health Aspects Of Sleeplessness. Stanley Coren, director, Human Neuropsychology and Perception Laboratory. Mather 253, 9-10am. Call 822-2772.

Law and Society Developmental Conference

Various speakers. Green College, 9am-6pm. $50 (waived for UBC faculty and students). Call 822-6525.

Occupational Hygiene Program Seminar

Assessment Of Occupational Hearing Requirements. Stanley Forshaw, P.Eng. Vancouver Hosp/HSC, Koerner Pavilion G-279, 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-9595.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar

Cardiac Lipoprotein Lipase During Diabetes And Hypertension. Dr. Brian Rodrigues. Cunningham 160, 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-4645.

Mathematics Colloquium

Renormalization And 3-Manifolds That Fiber Over The Circle. Curt McMullen, U of California--Berkeley. Mathematics 104, 3:30pm. Refreshments in Math Annex, room 1115 at 3:15pm. Call 822-2666.

Chemical Engineering Weekly Seminar

Factors Limiting The Enzymatic Hydrolysis Of Cellulose. Paul Thomas, graduate student, Chemical Engineering. Chemical Engineering 206, 3:30pm. Call 822-3238.

Linguistics Colloquium

On Ways Of Expressing Scope: Distributivity In St'át'imcets (Lillooet Salish). Hamida Demirdache, Linguistics, and Lisa Matthewson, SFU Linguistics. Buchanan penthouse, 3:30pm. Refreshments. Call 822-5594.

Theoretical Chemistry Seminar

Growth And Melting Simulations Of The Leonard-Jones Crystal Liquid Interface. R. Moss, Chemistry. Chemistry D-402 centre block, 4pm. Call 822-3266.


UBC Chamber Orchestra. Tawnya Popoff, viola soloist. Jesse Read, conductor. Music Recital Hall, 8pm. Call 822-3113.

Saturday, Feb. 1

Student Leadership Conference

Various Speakers. Atrium Inn, 2889 E. Hastings, 9am-6pm. $30 includes lunch and reception. Register at SUB 100D. Call 822-9268.

Vancouver Institute Lecture

Democracy In Peril. Mike Harcourt. IRC#2, 8:15pm. Call 822-3131.

Monday, Feb. 3

Mechanical Engineering Seminar

Challenges And Rewards In The Development Of Contaminated Water Recycling Technology. Tom Bower, Comprehensive Water Management Ltd. CEME 1204, 3:30-4:30pm. Refreshments. Call 822-3904.

Modern European Studies Colloquium

Regionalism And National Identity: The Case Of Spain. Arsenio Pacheco, Hispanic and Italian Studies. Buchanan Penthouse, 3:30-5:00pm. Call 822-5969.

BMB Discussion Group Seminar

Integrin Signalling Regulates Tissue-Specific Gene Expression In Mammary Epithelial Cells. Dr. Calvin Roskelley, Anatomy. IRC#4, 3:45pm. Refreshments at 3:30pm. Call 822-3178.

Zoology Comparative Physiology Seminar

Behavioural Biology Of Leatherback Turtles. Frank Paladino, Indiana-Purdue U. Biosciences 2449, 4:30pm. Refreshments. Call 822-4228.

Tuesday, Feb. 4

Faculty Women's Club Meeting

China, Hong Kong, And The Transfer. Sandra Wilking, Asia Pacific Foundation. Cecil Green Park House main floor, 10am. Call 224-4419.

Animal Science Seminar Series

Metabolism Adjustments To Stress In Fish. M. Vijayan. Macmillan 158, 12:30pm. Refreshments. Call 822-4593.

Botany Department Seminar

Chemical Ecology And Photochemistry Of Thiarubrine Antibiotics. Jon Page, PhD candidate, Botany. BioSciences 2000, 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-2133.

Centre for Chinese Research Seminar

Recent Developments In The Chinese PLA. Jing-dong Yuan, post doctoral student, Institute of International Relations. CK Choi 129, 12:30-2:30pm. Call 822-2629.

Lectures in Modern Chemistry

Superlattice Reactants: A Kinetically Controlled Approach To New Solid State Compounds With Designed Structure. Prof. David Johnson, U of Oregon. Chemistry 250, south wing, 1pm. Refreshments at 12:40pm. Call 822-3266.

Centre for Applied Ethics Colloquium

Computer Simulations In Business Ethics. Chris MacDonald, PhD candidate, Philosophy. Angus 415, 4-6pm. Call 822-5139.

Green College Speaker Series

The Carceral Vision: Literary Theory And Cultural Studies. Graham Good, English. Green College, 5:30pm. Reception in Graham House, 4:45-5:30pm. Call 822-6067.

Wednesday, Feb. 5

Orthopedics and Anaesthesia Grand Rounds

Hypotensive Epidural Anaesthesia For Lower Extremity Surgery. Dr. Ken Turnbull, Anaesthesia. Dr. Nigel Sharrock. Vancouver Hospital/HSC, Eye Care Centre auditorium, 7am. Call 875-4646.

Staedtler Day '97

Up To 60% Savings On Staedtler Writing Instruments, Art, Drafting And Office Supplies. Bookstore, 9am-5pm. Call 822-2665.

Faculty Financial Planning Lecture

UBC Faculty Pension Investments. Rob Heinkel and Christine McLeod, Faculty Pension Plan. Angus 104, 12:30-1:20pm. Call 822-1433.

Noon Hour Concert

Henri-Paul Sicsic, piano. Music Recital Hall, 12:30pm. $3 at the door. Call 822-5574.

Ecology and Biodiversity Research Seminar

Sexual Selection And Speciation In The Threespine Stickleback. Jeff McKinnon, post doctoral student, Zoology. Family/Nutritional Sciences 60, 4:30pm. Refreshments in Hut B-8, 4:10pm. Call 822-3957.

Respiratory Research Seminar

Asthma And Asthma-Like Disorders Associated With Machining Fluid Aerosol Exposures. Dr. Susan Kennedy, Health Care and Epidemiology. Vancouver Hospital/HSC, 2775 Heather St., 3rd floor conference room, 5-6pm. Call 875-5653.

The Interdisciplinary Seminar

Being Interdisciplinary. Ken MacCrimmon, Commerce and Business Administration. Green College, 5pm. Call 822-6067.

Thursday, Feb. 6

Board of Governors Meeting

The open session begins at 8am. Fifteen tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis on application to the Board Secretary at least 24 hours before each meeting. Old Administration Building, Board and Senate room. Call 822-2127.

Anthropology and Sociology Colloquium Series

Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words: Magazines And Discourses Of Feminity. Dawn Currie and Becki Ross with Shawna Murphy and Jessica Ulrich. ANSO 205, 12-1pm. Call 822-2878.

Earth and Ocean Sciences Seminar

Hydrothermal Fluid Flow And Mineral Zonation In Skarns Associated With Magmatic Systems. Larry Meinert, Washington State U. GeoSciences 330A, 12:30pm. Call 822-3466/822-2267.

ArtsFest '97:
Artistry in Percussion

UBC Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Martin Berinbaum, director. Old Auditorium, 12:30pm. Call 822-3113.

Physics and Astronomy Colloquium

Physics Of Batteries. Sylvia Wessel, Dynamotive Technologies Corp. Hebb, 4pm. Refreshments in Hebb lobby at 3:45pm. Call 822-3853.

Canadian Studies Workshop

A Lecture On Canadian Poet
bp Nichol. Dean Shirley Neuman, Arts. Green College, 7:30pm. Call 822-6067.


Distinguished Artists. Anton Kuerti, piano recital. Music Recital Hall 8pm. $19, adult. $10, student/senior. Call 822-5574.

Friday, Feb. 7

Pediatrics Grand Rounds

New Advances In Pediatric HIV Disease. Dr. Jack Forbes. GF Strong auditorium, 9am. Call 875-2307.

Health Care and Epidemiology Rounds

Mortality Patterns In Persons With Developmental Disabilities: Community Vs. Institutional Care. Dr. David Strauss, U of California--Riverside. Mather 253, 9-10am. Call 822-2772.

Occupational Hygiene Program Seminar

Occupational And Environmental Health Associated With Contaminated Site Remediation. Susan Eyre, Dillon Consulting Ltd. Vancouver Hosp/HSC, Koerner Pavilion G-279, 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-9595.

ArtsFest '97:
Artistry in Percussion

UBC Percussion Ensemble. John Rudolph, Sal Ferreras, directors. Music Recital Hall, 12:30pm. Call 822-3113.

Nursing Research Colloquium

Yes, No, Maybe So -- New Approaches To Assessing Clients' Decisional Conflict And Providing Decision Support. Assoc. Prof. Annette O'Connor, U of Ottawa. Vancouver Hospital/HSC Koerner Pavilion G-279, 2:30-4pm. Call 822-7453.

Mathematics Colloquium

Dr. Andre Longtin, U of Ottawa. Mathematics 104, 3:30pm. Refreshments in Math Annex 1115, 3:15:pm. Call 822-2666.

Theoretical Chemistry Seminar

Analysis Of Time Correlation Functions For Mixed Quantum-Classical Systems. Liam McWhirter, Chemistry. Chemistry D-402 centre block, 4pm. Call 822-3266.

UBC Environmental Law Conference

Corporations And The Environment. Various speakers including: Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Society and Owens Wiwa, Nigerian Ogoni Activist. Continues Feb. 8. Curtis. Registration Friday, 6pm; Saturday, 8am. $15 includes lunch on Saturday. Call 822-2880.

ArtsFest '97:
Artistry in Percussion

Trichy Sankaran, mrdangam. Music Recital Hall, 8pm. Adults $15. Seniors/students $8. Call 822-5574.

Saturday, Feb. 8

ArtsFest '97:
Artistry in Percussion

John Rudolph, percussion, Salvador Ferreras, percussion. Music Recital Hall, 2pm. Call 822-3113.

ArtsFest '97:
Artistry in Percussion

Workshop With Trichy Sankaran, mrdangam. Music Recital Hall, 3:30pm. Call 822-3113.

ArtsFest '97:
Artistry in Percussion

UBC Jazz Ensemble. Jack Duncan, Cuban/African drums. Sal Ferreras, Latin percussion. Fred Stride, director. Music Recital Hall, 8pm. Call 822-3113.

Engineering and Architecture Continuing Education Course

How To Read Blueprints And Increase Your Knowledge Of Construction Drawings. Robert Salikan. CEME, 9am-5pm. $140. Call 822-1884.

Vancouver Institute Lecture

David Adams Richards, novelist. IRC#2, 8:15pm. Call 822-3131.



Faculty, Staff and Grad Student Volleyball Group. Every Monday and Wednesday, Osborne Centre, Gym A, 12:30-1:30pm. No fees. Drop-ins and regular attendees welcome for friendly competitive games. Call 822-4479 or e-mail:

Fun and Fitness

UBC Community Sport Services offers adult ballet, gymnastics and ice hockey classes for beginners. No experience is necessary. For more information call 822-3688.

Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Exhibition

Exhibition by Vancouver artist Mina Totino, Jan. 10-March 1, 1997. Gallery hours Tuesday - Friday, 10am-5pm; Saturday, 12-5pm. 1825 Main Mall. Call 822-2759.

Surplus Equipment Recycling Facility

Weekly sales of furniture, computers, scientific etc. held every Wednesday, noon-5pm. SERF, Task Force Building, 2352 Health Sciences Mall. Call 822-2582 for information.

Faculty Development

Would you like to talk with an experienced faculty member, one on one, about your teaching concerns? Call the Centre for Faculty Development and Instructional Services at 822-0828 and ask for the Teaching Support Group.

Psoriasis Laser Study

Volunteers needed. The UBC Division of Dermatology is seeking volunteers with psoriasis. We are testing a potential new laser therapy for psoriasis. Volunteers who complete the treatments and follow-up visits will receive a stipend. Please call 875-5254.

Garden Hours

Botanical Garden and the Shop-in-the-Garden, 10am-5pm daily. Call 822-9666 (gardens), 822-4529 (shop). Nitobe Memorial Garden open 10am-2:30pm weekdays only.

Parents with Babies

Have you ever wondered how babies learn to talk? Help us find out! We are looking for parents with babies between one and 24 months of age to participate in language development studies. If you are interested in bringing your baby for a one-hour visit, please call Dr. Janet Werker's Infant Studies Centre, Dept. of Psychology, 822-6408 (ask for Dawn).

Diabetes 1997 Conference

The Young Diabetic. Interprofessional continuing education conference will take place Friday, April 4 and Saturday, April 5, 1997 in Vancouver for all health professionals interested and involved in diabetic care. For further information call 822-2626.

Parent Care Project

Daughters/daughters-in-law who are caring for a parent in a care facility are needed for a counselling psychology study on the challenges women face in parent care. Involves individual interviews/questionnaire. Call Allison at 822-9199.

Feeling Stressed at Work?

Lower Mainland Clerical Workers: Explore your Coping Skills! Psychologists at UBC are seeking female volunteers to participate in a research study on clerical workers' stress. The aim of this project is to understand how female clerical workers respond to work-related stress, from day to day over the course of three months. The information from the questionnaires will be kept confidential and anonymous. A summary of the group results will be provided at the completion of the study. If you would be willing to participate in this study, or if you have any questions, please call Kamaljit Sidhu or Marlene Barber at 822-9199.

UBC Food Services

Celebrate Chinese New Year at Yum Yum's and other Food Service Locations. Watch for "Cookiegrams" for your Valentines in February. Last day to place your order is Feb. 12. Call 822-3663.