Faculty Club viability to be investigated

A committee to investigate whether the Faculty Club buildings can be re-opened as a financially viable gathering place has begun its work.

The Advisory Committee on the Faculty Club, chaired by Director of Financial Services Jacquie Rice, met early in January to review the terms of reference set out by the Board of Governors at its Dec. 12 meeting.

The board requested that the university "prepare a development program and cost estimates to determine whether the Faculty Club buildings can be re-opened as a financially viable university gathering place with respect to both its operating and capital budgets."

Committee membership comprises: Joost Blom, Faculty of Law; Ian Burgess, Financial Services (co-chair); Cole Harris, Geography Dept.; Michael Hartwick, Internal Audit; Byron Hender, Office of the Vice-president, Student and Academic Services; Billie Housego, Education Psychology and Special Education; Tom McNeice, Human Resources; Michael Noon, Chan Centre for the Performing Arts; Estelle Paget, Centre for Faculty Development and Instructional Services; Brenda Peterson, Library; Tony Sheppard, Faculty of Law; Oscar Sziklai, Prof. Emeritus, Forest Sciences; Judy Vaz, Food Services; William Webber, Anatomy Dept.; and consultant Stuart MacKay, KPMG.

The advisory committee will be meeting throughout January and will report to the Board of Governors at its Feb. 6 meeting.

If you would like further information, please contact co-chair Ian Burgess by telephone at 822-2047 or by e-mail at ian.burgess@ubc.ca.

At its Dec. 12 meeting, the Board of Governors also requested that the university take any actions required to secure the Faculty Club buildings and landscape elements.