Arts, science students win top AMS executive posts

The Students for Students slate will dominate student council this year, filling four of the five executive offices.

Fourth-year science student Ryan Davies moves from the director of finance post to top spot. He began a one-year term as AMS president on Feb. 14.

Running mate Ruta Fluxgold, a fourth-year arts student, will fill the vice-president's job. Fluxgold was a member of the Student Administrative Commission which oversees AMS clubs and the Student Union Building, and recently served as vice-chair of the University Commission.

Also elected to the AMS executive are: Jennie Chen, third-year arts, to her second term as director of administration; Shirin Foroutan, third-year arts, who becomes co-ordinator of external affairs; and Vivian Hoffman, first-year arts, who assumes the duties of director of finance. Hoffman ran as an Action Now candidate in this year's elections.

Outgoing AMS President David Borins, first-year law, has been elected to serve a one-year term as student representative to the Board of Governors. In 1995/96, he was coordinator of external affairs.

Student council has requested a recount for the second student position to the Board of Governors race where a margin of 10 votes separated two candidates.

In Senate elections, five student candidates for senator-at-large have been confirmed as well as nine student representatives from individual faculties. There were no Senate nominations for the faculties of Agricultural Sciences, Education and Forestry.