Arbitration awards increments to faculty

Roughly 70 per cent of UBC faculty members will receive Career Progress Increments (CPI) following an arbitrated decision made last month.

Those faculty members eligible will see the award, which covers the period from July 1, 1996 to June 30, 1997, reflected in pay cheques by Sept. 30.

Eligible faculty may be awarded career progress increments in recognition of satisfactory career progress and according to an agreed schedule. CPIs wills be awarded annually when they are provided for in annual faculty salary agreements.

UBC Faculty Association Salaries and Economic Benefits Chair Prof. Norma Wieland said the increment value is $1,100 -- equal to 1.5 per cent of the salary budget divided by the number of increments.

When talks between the university and the Faculty Association broke off in May 1996, the association was seeking a 1.2 per cent general increase in salary to all members of the bargaining unit with an identical increase on the sessional lecturers' scale and a continuation of the Career Advancement Plan.

Arbitrators stated in their decision that "in the immediate past general salary increases have not been an essential feature of the compensations structure.

"Under those circumstances, it is our view that the Career Advancement Plan should be continued at the same levels as existed in the last collective agreement, which is to say, career progress increments should continue to be funded at 1.5 per cent rather than the .77 per cent proposed by the university; but nothing should be allocated for merit awards or performance salary adjustments."

There are eight increment levels available for each of the ranks of assistant professor and associate professor, and 16 increment levels available for full professors.

Sessional lecturers did not receive a salary increase as a result of the decision.