Fraternity pub crawl prompts outrage and action


I would like to address the events of Dec. 18, 1996 when some members of Phi Gamma Delta were involved in a "Pub Crawl" on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

I would like to formally apologize on behalf of the members of the UBC Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta for any embarrassment we may have caused the University of British Columbia due to the unfavourable media attention that followed the incident.

The members of the Pi Gamma Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta hold their informal affiliation with the university in the highest regard. Our conduct was not in accordance with the ideals and values of our fraternity or the university. In order to rectify the situation and to re-align ourselves with these ideals and values, all members of the chapter were called to a strategic planning and goal-setting retreat and the following action-oriented decisions were made. Implementation of these new committees and programs will occur before January 1998.

We recognize that Phi Gamma Delta must constantly evaluate herself to ensure that she continues to be a positive influence on the lives of men who choose to affiliate during their enrolment at UBC. Given these internal changes, we hope to re-align ourselves with our own values and continue to produce men of virtuous principles whose participation in university life is a positive force on campus.

Pi Gamma Chapter, Phi Gamma Delta


If I understand correctly, UBC does not have a formal relationship with the fraternities and the incident did not take place during school hours, and therefore UBC cannot (at this time) discipline those involved.

I would like to recommend that UBC students have to face student discipline if they are involved in such clearly unacceptable behaviour, whether or not that behaviour takes place during school hours.

Felicity Jules
Asst. Director Native Indian Teacher Education Program


I am writing to add my condemnation to the action of this fraternity, whose members nearly got some of their own killed, promoted racism/sexism against native people, and deeply insulted residents of the Downtown Eastside, all in one evening.

I understand UBC has no direct authority over fraternities at UBC. I ask, however, that you keep this incident in mind if in the future there are any relations between UBC and Phi Gamma Delta Society. From this community's point or view, reparation may be forthcoming if this fraternity issued an apology and offered some time or money to an organization in the Downtown Eastside.

Tom Laviolette
Co-ordinator Carnegie Community Action Project

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