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Few students carry condoms, study says

Despite numerous national and international campaigns promoting safe sex and warning of the risk of HIV infection, very few university students actually carry condoms with them when they head out for a night on the town, a recent UBC study shows.


Choi building hosts first conference on Asia

The mounting political and economic might of Asia comes under the collective scrutiny of prominent scholars from Asia and North America next month at the inaugural conference of the C.K. Choi Building for the Institute of Asian Research (IAR).


Green named Trekker

Community activist Jim Green is this year's recipient of the Great Trekker Award, given by the students of UBC to a graduate who has achieved eminence in his or her field of endeavor.


Women Students' Office celebrates long tradition

In 1921, Agnes McPhail took her seat as the first woman elected to Parliament and Mary Bollert became UBC's first Adviser of Women.

It's 75 years later, and one of the oldest student services established at the university is celebrating its long tradition of serving the needs of women students and welcoming them to the campus community.


Deteriorating totems to be saved by funds

Weathering and natural decay have taken a toll on the Totem Village on the grounds of the Museum of Anthropology, but the museum hopes to save these cultural treasures by raising funds to repair and enhance them.


Federal conference held east and west

The experience of other countries may hold the key to problems within Canadian federalism, say organizers of a conference co-hosted by UBC.


Museum clinics geared at preserving home treasures

Heat, humidity, insects and dirt are the age-old enemies in the battle to prevent valued objects from decaying.

Now the Museum of Anthropology is holding a series of clinics and talks that will look at how principles of preventive conservation are applied to managing museum collections and to caring for objects in the home.


Pros and cons of ethics topics for class debate

Should a tobacco firm aggressively market its products abroad or to specific social groups such as females and youth to compensate for otherwise declining demand? Should multinational firms apply the same ethical, safety and environmental standards in all countries in which they operate?


Program rolls out carpet for first-time science students

A pancake breakfast is the traditional kick-off for a Faculty of Science program that introduces new students to faculty members, graduate students and senior undergraduates who will help them adjust to university life.


United Way broadens appeal

UBC United Way campaign co-chairs Margaret Sayer of University Computing Services and Theatre Prof. Raymond Hall are reaching out to the extended campus community for help in achieving the 1996 campus campaign goal of $290,260.