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Science First! series ready to ignite students' curiosity

Lee Gass is revving himself up for a lunch date with science students this fall.

"I'm going to get those students to understand some things about how science operates and what science is as a human endeavour," he says. "I'm going to get them to know in their bones that any creative process starts from a profound appreciation of our ignorance and a willingness to articulate what that is."


Nursing faculty start pregnancy resource

A new pregnancy drop-in clinic has been established at UBC to provide support and information to women in the Vancouver area who are pregnant or are contemplating pregnancy.


UBC faculty awarded 3M teaching fellowships

Two UBC faculty members are among this year's recipients of the coveted 3M Teaching Fellowships.

Associate Professor of Nursing, Clarissa Green, and Dr. William Schreiber, an associate professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, were among 10 educators selected from 64 nominees at 28 Canadian universities to receive the award.


Earth, ocean merger boosts collaboration

On April 1 of this year, geophysicist Robert Ellis officially became head of UBC's newest academic amalgam -- the Dept. of Earth and Ocean Sciences.

Though the department's creation has been in the works for six years, the scientific merger of geology, geophysics and oceanography has been a process underway since the Second World War.


Geers garner awards for design solutions

Medical devices designed by UBC engineering students took the top two prizes in the medical device category of the recent 96 Solutions+ student design competition.


Project focuses attention on plight of survivors of violence

Every 12 seconds a gong strikes as another woman is battered. Every minute a whistle blows, reporting another rape. Four times in 24 hours a bell rings, mourning the women who have died that day as a result of violence.

These sounds speak louder than statistics on behalf of women survivors and victims of violence in North America. So do multi-coloured t-shirts. Together, they form the basis for the Clothesline Project, a visual and audio display of violence against women.