UBC Reports
October 31, 1996


Clark Binkley has accepted an appointment to a second term as dean of the Faculty of Forestry. A former professor of Forest Resource Management at Yale University, Binkley has served as dean of Forestry at UBC since September 1990. His first term ended in June.

The faculty has undergone significant changes under Binkley's supervision including the introduction of new initiatives such as the Wood Products Processing Program, the Natural Resources Conservation Program, the Centre for Applied Conservation Biology and the construction of a new Forest Sciences Centre. Since Binkley was appointed in 1990, undergraduate enrolment has more than doubled from 265 in 1990/91 to 598 this year, while graduate enrolment during the same period has increased from 119 to 204 students. Extramural research funding to the faculty has also increased significantly during the dean's first term.

Binkley, a graduate of Yale, received his PhD in Forestry and Environmental Studies in 1979. He studied applied mathematics during his undergraduate years at Harvard and received a Master of Science degree in engineering from Harvard in 1976.

School of Library, Archival and Information Studies student Shauna McRanor is the recipient of the 1996 Theodore Calvin Pease Award which recognizes superior writing achievements by students of archival administration or who are involved in archival internship programs.

The award, sponsored by the Society of American Archivists (SAA), was presented to McRanor for an essay entitled, A Critical Analyis of Intrinsic Value, cited by the society as a "well reasoned and provocative paper which challenges many familiar assumptions about intrinsic value and the role that it should play in archival appraisal."

She was honoured during the society's recent annual meeting in San Diego. McRanor's paper will appear in a future issue of the SAA's journal, American Archivist.

Susan Kennedy, director of UBC's Occupational Hygiene Program, is the new president of the Aca demic Women's Association (AWA) for 1996/97.

She replaces Dianne Newell, a professor of history, who was recently appointed as associate dean in the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Newell will continue as an officer of the AWA.

Kennedy also serves as an associate professor in the Dept. of Health Care and Epidemiology and is an associate member of the Respiratory Division of the Dept. of Medicine.

The Academic Women's Association was founded in 1976 to develop a community of women academics at UBC and provide advocacy for their concerns at the university.