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Forum: Official Community Plan for UBC (Oct. 9)

Public Hearing: Official Community Plan for UBC (Oct. 15)

Students satisfied, survey says

A majority of UBC undergraduates expressed satisfaction with university life, according to the 1996 Survey of Undergraduate Experience at Canadian Universities.


Murder mystery in air for Homecoming '96

Solve a murder on the high seas, lend an ear to local literati, or sample enough apples to keep a dozen doctors away. UBC's annual Homecoming celebration offers something for every taste Oct. 15-20.


Geneticist earns Science and Technology gold

Dr. Judith Hall, head of Pediatrics at UBC and B.C.'s Children's Hospital, has won a B.C. Science and Technology gold medal for her work in medical genetics.


Choi building opens to cultural celebration

A new cornerstone of UBC's international focus, the C.K. Choi Building for the Institute of Asian Research, officially opens on Oct. 7.

The Choi building provides a new home for an expanded Institute of Asian Research, which was founded in 1978.


Endowment helps fund challenging research

Chris Gallagher looks upon his film Mortal Remains as a creative arts project rather than research. This distinction placed Gallagher's documentary on North American cemeteries squarely in the "high-risk" category for traditional funding sources.

Fortunately, the associate professor's innovative approach to work in the Dept. of Theatre, Film and Creative Writing landed him one of UBC's inaugural Social Sciences and Humanities Research Fund grants.


Study to compare treatments for obsessions, compulsions People with obsessive-compulsive disorder sometimes wash their hands until their skin is raw and bleeding, re-do the same load of laundry 10 times in a day, or spend three hours leaving the house because of the overpowering need to check and re-check whether the door is locked.

The Anxiety Disorders Unit -- affiliated with UBC's Dept. of Psychiatry and based at Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre, UBC Pavilion --is seeking volunteers for a new study that will compare different treatment methods for this debilitating mental disorder.


Staff retirement incentive offered

UBC full- and part-time monthly paid staff aged 50 or more may be eligible for a new Early Retirement Incentive Program announced recently by the Dept. of Human Resources.


Doctor-assisted suicide McCreary lecture topic

An ethics professor from the first U.S. state to legalize physician-assisted suicide will deliver the John F. McCreary Lecture during this year's Health Sciences Week, Oct. 13-19.


Splane to address changes in international nursing

Internationally recognized health educator Verna Huffman Splane will speak on changes in international nursing, the political, economic and social developments affecting the field, as well as opportunities for Canadian nurses in international nursing, at the School of Nursing's annual Marion Woodward Lecture Oct. 24.