UBC Reports
November 14, 1996


The following final paragraph was omitted from Prof. M. Patricia Marchak's Forum "Whither or Wither? Universities after a millenium" (UBC Reports, Oct. 17).

"I think the answer resides in how highly we regard the secular, skeptical, persistent questioning attitude of the university, and how much we appreciate the tolerance, open debate and demands for intellectual rigour. These are the hall marks of the university in contrast to all other institutions. I believe, contrary to some of the university's critics, that universities have been a force for the good and will continue in that role if allowed to survive. I think we need them as we try to address pressing ecological issues, the politics of the global economy, world poverty, and the evolution of multicultural societies. But there are many opposing voices, strong counter-currents of change, and their survival will depend on a strong social will to keep them alive."