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UBC Expert Insight

Later life dating is becoming more common as the number of single Canadians above age 55 grows – photo by Martin Dee UBC Reports | Vol. 52 | No. 2 […]

International trial that gave Viagra to pregnant women halted after deaths of Dutch babies

Various media outlets reported that UBC researchers suspended a clinical trial that gave pregnant women an erectile dysfunction drug, after babies born to mothers enrolled in a similar Dutch study […]

HPV test better than Pap smear at detecting precancerous cervical changes

Various media outlets reported on a UBC study that found the HPV test is better at detecting precancerous cervical changes than a Pap smear. About 19,000 women participated in the […]

Your guide to summer sun protection and sunburn care

CNN interviewed Alexandra Kuritzky, a clinical instructor in UBC’s department of dermatology and skin science, about sun protection. She explained that SPF is basically a calculation of the additional protection […]

Hans Asperger aided Nazi child euthanasia: study

The New York Times, CNN, Express U.K. and other media outlets interviewed Anthony Bailey, a professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at UBC, for a story about a respected Austrian paediatrician’s […]

Dalai Lama caught in the middle as India and China reboot ties

CNN interviewed Tsering Shakya, a Tibet scholar and research chair at UBC, for a story about ties between India and China. “India is sensing Tibet’s appeal in the West is declining,” […]

Want to be happy? Try moving to Finland

The World Happiness Report 2018, released Wednesday, shows that Finland is the happiest country in the world, followed by Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and […]

No new ‘learning’ brain cells after age 13: Study

Various media outlets quoted Jason Snyder, a UBC neuroscientist, who weighed in on a study that found the adult human brain doesn’t produce any detectable new neurons in the area […]

Tokyo to build world’s tallest timber tower

A CNN story on Tokyo’s proposed 1,148-feet-tall timber tower mentioned UBC’s tallwood student residence. UBC’s 18-storey Brock Commons student dorm topped out last year and has been called the world’s […]

75% of India’s air pollution-related deaths are rural

CNN reported on a new study out of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay which estimated that 75 per cent of air pollution-related deaths in India comes in its rural […]

How #MeToo could move from social campaign to social change

UBC research was mentioned in a CNN story on “armchair activism” and the hashtag #MeToo, which went viral following sexual harassment allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein. The UBC study found […]

China’s secret aid empire uncovered

BBC interviewed Xiaojun Li, a UBC political science professor, in an article about researchers who uncovered the Chinese state secret regarding how much money Beijing gives in aid to other […]

Beyond the propaganda posters: Everyday design in North Korea

CNN quoted Ross King, a professor and head of UBC’s department of Asian studies, about commemorative stamps featuring Princess Diana that were released in North Korea in 1982. He said “the […]

Yes, you can buy happiness-if you spend it to save time

The New York Times, Washington Post, BBC and various media outlets reported on UBC research that found money used to buy time can increase happiness. The researchers–lead author Ashley Whillans, […]

North Korean stamp features warheads pointed at Capitol Hill

CNN quoted Ross King, a professor and head of UBC’s department of Asian studies, after North Korea marked the anniversary of the Korean War by releasing two anti-American postage stamps. […]

NeuroFutures 2017


Can psychology influence the way we recycle?

CNN cited a UBC psychology study that examined how money influenced recycling behaviour. Ashley Whillans, the study’s lead author, said putting a price tag on time leaves individuals to focus […]

Why this choir is a huge hit with China’s stressed out millennials

Yue Qian, a UBC sociology professor, spoke to CNN about the pressure for Chinese millennials to meet their parent’s expectations when it comes to starting a family. She said although young […]

Where you live affects your personality, study says

CNN quoted Mark Schaller, a UBC psychology professor, for a story about how our personalities are affected by where we live. In his studies, Schaller found that extraversion is less common in countries that have […]