UBC This Week

UBC This Week 11-Dec-2014

Recent UBC Media Releases Dec 11 Happy-go-lucky CEOs score better returns Dec 9 UBC team finds a glitch in hummingbird hovering Upcoming Event Highlights Dec 11 Sell your books for […]

UBC This Week 4-Dec-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Dec 4 New federal funding to enhance Canadian post-secondary research Dec 3 Universal prescription drug coverage more cost-effective, improves seniors’ health outcomes: study Dec 3 […]

UBC This Week 27-Nov-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Nov 27 Preventing diabetes in South Asians through Bollywood and Bhangra Nov 24 The method in Black Friday madness Nov 21 Whitecaps launch new USL […]

UBC This Week 20-Nov-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Nov 20 UBC experts to comment on Kinder Morgan protest arrests Nov 20 entrepreneurship@UBC Open House Nov 20 Teaching degree ‘a ticket to many worlds’ […]

UBC This Week 13-Nov-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Nov 13 Student invents technology for tissue engineering Nov 13 Out of the woods and into the bioeconomy Nov 12 New centre to analyze problem […]

UBC This Week 6-Nov-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Nov 6 New grant to fuel social innovation at UBC Nov 6 Casting a long shadow Nov 4 Bringing justice to housing costs Nov 3 […]

UBC This Week 30-Oct-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Oct 30 Finding genetic clues to intellectual disabilities Oct 29 UBC researchers aim to simplify life saving drug Oct 29 Black Republicans put most faith […]

UBC This Week 23-Oct-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Oct 23 Fresh food for thought Oct 23 Rapid test to diagnose severe sepsis Oct 22 Experts to comment on Nov. 15 municipal elections across […]

UBC This Week 16-Oct-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Oct 16 Dissecting assisted suicide Oct 16 Loss of big predators could leave herbivores in a thorny situation Oct 16 Spread the news Oct 15 […]

UBC This Week 9-Oct-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Oct 8 Trying to fool a kindergartener? Not so fast Oct 7 A bee in their bonnet Oct 6 What makes an image iconic? Oct […]

UBC This Week 2-Oct-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Oct 1 How technology can help you stay exercising Oct 1 Experts to comment on Hong Kong protests Sep 30 Canadian diamond pioneer donates $9.1 […]

UBC This Week 25-Sep-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Sep 25 A Silva lining for Brazil’s presidency? Sep 25 Bug bites Sep 24 UBC to track B.C.’s largest trees: re-launches database with climbing demonstration […]

UBC This Week 18-Sep-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Sep 18 An acceptance letter 69 years late Sep 18 Kids eat better if their parents went to college Sep 17 Internet killed the TV […]

UBC This Week 11-Sep-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Sep 11 Scots free? UBC expert comments on this month’s Scotland referendum Sep 11 Diabetes researchers find faster way to create insulin-producing cells Sep 11 […]

UBC This Week 4-Sep-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Sep 4 Experts to comment on Ukraine crisis Sep 4 Better schools through unschooling? Sep 4 Green neighbourhoods lead to higher birth weights: study Sep […]

UBC This Week 28-Aug-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Aug 28 No simple answers to bullying Aug 27 UBC receives $3.5M for research into Canada’s oceans, new projects Aug 27 Culture club remix Aug […]

UBC This Week 21-Aug-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Aug 21 Getting beyond frosh: UBC’s Vancouver campus creates new traditions Aug 21 Salmon forced to ‘sprint’ less likely to survive migration Aug 20 Stop […]

UBC This Week 14-Aug-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Aug 13 Vancouver campus safety enhanced, further improvements planned Aug 13 Powerful math creates 3-D shapes from simple sketches Aug 12 A university parent’s back […]

UBC This Week 7-Aug-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Aug 7 Battle of the Indiana Jones robots Aug 6 Bye bye privacy: UBC research sheds light on wearable technology Aug 6 The Vantage advantage […]

UBC This Week 31-Jul-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Jul 31 UBC experts for comment on 100th anniversary of First World War Jul 30 Study reveals how African dictators stay in power Jul 30 […]