UBC This Week

UBC This Week – 23-Apr-2015

  Recent UBC Media Releases Apr 23  Scientists pinpoint brain-swelling mechanism  Apr 21  UBC study finds ‘nurse navigators’ play vital role in senior care Apr 21  How “time is money” […]

UBC This Week – 16-Apr-2015

  Recent UBC Media Releases Apr 15  Attention men: Get out of your mancave and into the men’s shed Apr 13  UBC welcomes $2 million for research on antibiotic resistance […]

UBC This Week – 09-Apr-2015

  Recent UBC Media Releases Apr 7  Researchers target protein to stop spread of aggressive tumours Apr 7  UBC research at base of Mt. Everest shows impacts of high altitudes […]

UBC This Week – 26-Mar-2015

  Recent UBC Media Releases Mar 20 Get over it! UBC students, community gather to Storm the Wall Upcoming Event Highlights Mar 26 Book Launch “Unlocking The World: Education in […]

UBC This Week – 19-Mar-2015

  Recent UBC Media Releases Mar 19  Stem cells show promise for reversing Type 2 diabetes Mar 19  UBC and Indian government commit nearly $2 million to support new science […]

UBC This Week – 12-Mar-2015

  Recent UBC Media Releases Mar 10  UBC President Arvind Gupta to head delegation to China to strengthen research and educational ties Mar 06  Chemists develop new way to make […]

UBC This Week – 05-Mar-2015

  Recent UBC Media Releases Mar 05  UBC students launch desktop recycler that turns pop bottles into 3D printer plastic Mar 05  Q&A: Wage gap between the sexes persists  Mar […]

UBC This Week – 26 Feb 2015

  Recent UBC Media Releases Feb 24   Annual breakfast raises over $11M for UBC Student-Athletes  Feb 20  UBC Engineering enrolls record number of women in 2014 Upcoming Event Highlights Feb […]

UBC This Week – 19 Feb 2015

  Recent UBC Media Releases Feb 19  A place in the Sun: A new generation of solar cells Feb 19  Branding the Oscars: how marketers leverage the social media buzz […]

UBC This Week – 12-Feb-2015

  Recent UBC Media Releases  Feb 12  Why out-of-touch idealists have the happiest marriages  Feb 12  UBC graduate student helps unravel the genetic foundation of her own family’s tragedy Feb […]

Engineering faculty recognized by peers with Killam Research Fellowships

Electrical and Computer Engineering professors Purang Abolmaesumi and Vincent Wong have won the 2014 UBC Killam Research Fellowships to assist in furthering their research projects. Killam Research Fellows dedicate themselves to their research full-time during […]

UBC This Week – 05-Feb-2015

  Recent UBC Media Releases Feb 5  Cancer is not a game of roulette Feb 5  UBC Okanagan students examine social phenomenon of Cristiano Ronaldo Feb 4  Statement on sentencing […]

UBC This Week – 29 Jan 2015

  Recent UBC Media Releases Jan 29  UBC Library acquires 800-year-old medieval Papal document Jan 29  $1 million in new scholarships for UBC athletes Jan 28  UBC physician does an […]

UBC This Week 22-Jan-2015

  Recent UBC Media Releases Jan 22  Peter A. Allard, Q.C., donates $30 million to UBC Faculty of Law Jan 22  UBC receives $1.7 million from Canada Foundation for Innovation […]

UBC This Week 15-Jan-2015

  Recent UBC Media Releases Jan 14 Taking the pain out of waiting Jan 14 2015: Year of the Planet Jan 12 Dictator’s henchmen on trial: UBC expert at historic […]

UBC This Week 8-Jan-2015

  Recent UBC Media Releases Jan 8 How our connected world can improve healthcare (and why privacy is a concern) Jan 8 Astronomers use vanishing neutron star to measure space-time […]

UBC This Week 19-Dec-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Dec 18 UBC astronomer confirms a new “Super-Earth” planet Dec 17 UBC releases its 2013 animal research statistics Dec 16 Toys for girls and boys? […]

UBC This Week 11-Dec-2014

Recent UBC Media Releases Dec 11 Happy-go-lucky CEOs score better returns Dec 9 UBC team finds a glitch in hummingbird hovering Upcoming Event Highlights Dec 11 Sell your books for […]

UBC This Week 4-Dec-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Dec 4 New federal funding to enhance Canadian post-secondary research Dec 3 Universal prescription drug coverage more cost-effective, improves seniors’ health outcomes: study Dec 3 […]

UBC This Week 27-Nov-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Nov 27 Preventing diabetes in South Asians through Bollywood and Bhangra Nov 24 The method in Black Friday madness Nov 21 Whitecaps launch new USL […]