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UBC experts on pipeline debates Environmental issues Business and trade Aboriginal communities Law and policy

On income inequality

Inequality rises sharply during recessions…If history is any guide, we could be witnessing another ratcheting up in inequality.

On making end-of-life care decisions for family members

Most people find if they have some idea what their loved one had in mind, it makes a difference.

On the infectious salmon virus in B.C.

Is it a game changer? It would be a game changer if it was sourced to aquaculture.

On Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street may signal a growing concern about inequity between the rich and the rest, but we can only address these pressures by tackling the intergenerational tension

On why it is difficult to raise a young family

The reality is that boomer politicians play politics well for their generation. …By contrast, the generation raising young kids doesn’t play politics well.

On immigrant families raising children with developmental disorders

We need to consider that childhood development has different meanings and different understandings by different cultures.

On NATO's training mission in Afghanistan

If we build this army, we had better be willing to fund it and support it long into the future.

On the Arctic

As the ice melts, new rules for shipping and fishing are needed, quickly.

On the state of the oceans

In each kind of science, the experts were reporting that somewhere in the world the worst-case scenario was already present.

On bragging about rioting on Facebook and Twitter

Bragging about these things in cyberspace and detailing their criminal exploits is really going to catch up with people.

On how Canucks fans and players deal with stress

For athletes, they have a lot more control over what they can do… Fans are more apprehensive, they have minimal control.

On the use of the Canucks logo

They’re not cracking down on people using their logo, and I personally think that’s incredibly smart … They are letting the local community own the Canucks.

On Henrik and Daniel Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks

They can anticipate what the other is going to do by figuring what they themselves would do.

On whether a smile is attractive

Men and women respond very differently to displays of emotion, including smiles

On improving science instruction

This class actively engages students and allows them time to synthesize new information and incorporate it into a mental model

On voter support for the Liberals

“I really don’t think that there’s much they can do to restore it, especially if the NDP get more seats than the Liberals do.”

On voter engagement

With social media there is a lot more information about the election available … That seems to lead to more actual engagement.

On Canada’s generational crisis

Akin to our public schools, health care and old-age security, we now require a new national agenda for families.

On the formation of a centre-left coalition

If the Conservatives were under 40 per cent and were still able…to get a majority, I think the frustration would be very, very high.