Universal public coverage of essential medicines would improve access, save billions

Publicly funding essential medicines could cover the cost of nearly half of all prescriptions in Canada, removing financial barriers for Canadians while saving $3 billion per year.


Business, Law and Society

Jan Hare

‘The little MOOC that could’: Online course promotes Indigenous ways of knowing

In classrooms across Canada, some children learn about colonialism for the first time by standing on dozens of blankets strewn across the floor.

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Arts and Humanities

International students’ concept of “home” shapes post-graduation plans

How international university students think about home significantly influences their migration plans upon graduation, according to a new study from UBC.

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Science, Health and Technology

Study sheds light on B.C. youths’ experiences with mental health services

It is 2012 and Smiley, a young woman in her early 20s, lives in a single room occupancy (SRO) building in Vancouver.

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University News

Universities establish joint centre to use data for social good in Cascadia region

In an expansion of regional cooperation, the University of British Columbia and the University of Washington today announced the establishment of the Cascadia Urban Analytics Cooperative.

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UBC study links slot-machine addiction to immersion in the game

Gamblers who feel like they enter into a trance while playing slot machines are more likely to have gambling problems, according to new research from the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC.


Researchers begin clinical trial for rare yet devastating condition among pregnant women

Early intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) is a rare condition where the baby does not grow properly inside the womb.


Vancouver “teardown index” predicts which houses are at risk

Approximately one-quarter of detached homes in Vancouver’s red-hot housing market could be torn down between now and 2030, according to a new forecasting tool developed by a UBC researcher and industry collaborator.



Despite NDP claims, the B.C. budget does indeed look after seniors
The Globe and Mail published an op-ed by UBC professor Paul Kershaw, founder of Generation Squeeze, about funding for seniors in the provincial budget. Read it here.

Expert Spotlight

UBC experts on NASA discovery of potentially Earth-like planets

Today, NASA announced that scientists have found seven potentially Earth-like planets orbiting a star about 40 light years away. UBC experts are available to comment.

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UBC Athletics

Bisons outshoot Thunderbirds in game one slugfest

In a heated battle between two bitter foes, the Manitoba Bisons outshot and outlasted the UBC Thunderbirds 79-75 to take 1-0 series lead in the Canada West quarterfinal.

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Feature Video

Nothing to Fear: UBC Entrepreneurs Take Sting out of Needles

Microdermics Inc. founders explain microneedle technology.

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UBC Events

Lee Square Pop Up Playground

  • Tuesday, February 28, 2017
  • 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Lee Square Outside UBC Bookstore
Drop by after school or work and don't miss the special light display that will transform Lee Square into a Pop Up Playground.