UBC Library acquires 800-year-old medieval Papal document

An extraordinary Papal document that’s nearly 800 years old has become a valuable teaching and research tool at UBC, thanks to a history instructor’s passion and the university library’s restoration efforts.


Business, Law and Society


Peter A. Allard, Q.C., donates $30 million to UBC Faculty of Law

UBC Law alumnus Peter A. Allard, Q.C., has donated $30 million to UBC’s Faculty of Law, the largest gift ever to a Canadian law school.

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Arts and Humanities


Decades-old documents to be transformed into easily sharable digital data

This May, Crompton’s specialized computer lab will allow her and a team of digital humanist researchers to embark upon the creation of cutting-edge encoding of historical materials.

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Science, Health and Technology


UBC physician does an about-face, based on her own research

Throughout her career as a physician, Laura Magee has taken a restrained approach to use of blood pressure-lowering medication in her pregnant patients.

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University News


$1 million in new scholarships for UBC athletes

UBC graduate and noted philanthropist Ken Woods has donated $1 million to establish a scholarship for gifted athletes.

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UBC Farm receives $1M grant from Real Estate Foundation of BC


Local farming has been given a boost thanks to a $1 million investment from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia.


Mindfulness-based program in schools making a positive impact: UBC study


A social and emotional learning program started by Academy Award winning actress Goldie Hawn to help school children improve their learning abilities, be more caring, and less stressed is now backed by new


Crowdsourcing and chaos: how social media can save the day


When a powerful earthquake devastated China’s Sichuan province in 2008, the disaster was too catastrophic for authorities to stay on top of events as they unfolded.




Better food labels needed to make healthier choices

Even when Canadians want to make healthier choices, many don’t know how to begin -- and our food labels don’t help, says UBC professor John Millar. Read more here...

Expert Spotlight


2015: Year of the Planet

Climate change will dominate politics and international relations in 2015, say experts at UBC.

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UBC Athletics


UBC’s comeback bid falls short in 4-3 loss

A late start out of the gates was the difference Thursday night as the UBC Thunderbirds lost 4-3 in Lethbridge, Alta., to the Pronghorns.

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Feature Video

Knowing the land beneath our feet

Every day, thousands of UBC students pass by a totem pole that comes from near the former Ḵwiḵwa̱sut̓inux̱w village of Metap.

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UBC Events

Really? workshop

  • Fri Jan 30 2015, 3:30 PM - 5PM
  • Simon K. Y. Lee Global Lounge and Resource Centre
Really? workshops are interactive, 90-minute sessions led by trained student facilitators on racism, sexism and homophobia.