UBC scientist finds genetic wrinkle to block sun-induced skin aging

A scientific team at UBC and Providence Health Care have genetically engineered mice with less wrinkled skin, despite repeated exposure to wrinkle-inducing ultraviolet (UV) light.


Business, Law and Society


Mexico’s malaise

Forty-three students went missing in Mexico in September. UBC political scientist Agustin Goenaga discusses the implications of their disappearance.

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Arts and Humanities


From Middle Earth to worldwide phenom

The World Hobbit Project, a groundbreaking audience survey in multiple languages that involves 146 scholars in 45 countries, aims to tackle the topic of fantasy in the 21st century.

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Science, Health and Technology

new exoplanet

UBC astronomer confirms a new “Super-Earth” planet

A UBC astronomer who doubles as a mission scientist with Canada’s first space telescope is a key player in the discovery of a new exoplanet, out beyond our solar system.

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University News


UBC releases its 2013 animal research statistics

For the fourth consecutive year, UBC has published extensive information on the animals involved in research at the university, including statistics categorized by major species groups.

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Not all Christmas trees are created equal


A UBC forestry expert on how to root out the right tree.


Guilt-free holiday eating


A UBC dietitian offers tips and recipe ideas for having a jolly—and healthy—holiday season.


D’oh! The Simpsons turns 25


UBC prof speaks about The Simpsons' longevity in the face of a morphing industry, as the series turns 25.



Hermida Alfred 560

How the rumour factory operates in crisis

Rumours have become part of “improvised news” – a way of trying to make sense of things that challenge the everyday, says UBC's Alfred Hermida, in the wake of the Sydney siege. Read more here..

Expert Spotlight


Toys for girls and boys? Not so fast

UBC developmental psychologist Andrew Scott Baron cautions the gifts children receive can send stifling messages about gender roles and stereotypes.

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UBC Athletics


Blake Nill named UBC Football Head Coach

The UBC Dept. of Athletics and Recreation is pleased to announce Blake Nill as the 18th head coach of the UBC Thunderbirds football program.

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Feature Video

Rubik’s cube solving robot

UBC engineering student Kris De Asis has created a Rubik’s cube solving robot.

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UBC Events

Piga Picha! 100 Years of Studio Photography in Nairobi

  • Fri Dec 19 2014, 10 AM- 5 PM
  • Museum of Anthropology
A profound look at Kenya’s popular culture through more than 180 photographs spanning a century, including studio portraits as well as those quickly taken on the streets of Nairobi.