Young UBC researchers receive $5.7 M in Vanier, Banting awards

University of British Columbia doctoral and postdoctoral researchers have impressed federal agencies to the tune of $5.7 million in funding from two separate programs.

Thirty-two UBC doctoral students were awarded Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships allowing them to continue research in fields as varied as music therapy, genomics and sports-related head trauma. Vanier scholars receive $50,000 a year for three years.

In addition, six UBC postdoctoral researchers were recognized by the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship program. Each researcher is awarded $140,000 over two years.

The Vanier and Banting awards were created to develop homegrown research excellence and make Canada a magnet for the best and brightest international talent. Funding for this year’s 166 Vanier scholarships and 70 Banting fellowships totals more than $34 million.

The announcements were made recently by the Honourable Ed Holder, Minister of State (Science and Technology), and the Honourable Peter Van Loan, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons.

The full announcement can be found here


Here is a complete list of UBC’S 2014 Vanier Scholars and their fields of study:

Sonja Babovic
Cell biology
Developmental changes in human hematopoietic stem cell control and their relevance to leukemia

Beth Clark
Psychosocial/health behavioural research
Reducing LGBTQ youth health inequity: Effectiveness of school-based population health interventions
Philip Edgcumbe
Augmented Reality Elastography Navigation Aid (ARENA) for Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery

Alessio Gallina
Muscle, bone or joint
Are motor control dysfunctions related to the clinical presentation of knee osteoarthritis?

Bita Imam
WiiNWalk: Evaluation of the Nintendo Wii Fit to Enhance Walking in Older Adults with Lower Limb Amputation

Md Nazrul Islam
Population Health
Predictors of online STIs/HIV intervention diffusion patterns across subgroups of young people in British Columbia.

Andrea Jones
Mental Health
Diamond in the rough: Identifying factors of resilience in a socially marginalized population

Crystal Karakochuk
Investigating Risk Factors for Chronic Undernutrition in Cambodian Children

Jake Lever
Genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics
Personalized treatment of glioblastoma using machine-learning driven network analysis of drug sensitivity data

Victor Li
Health research
Peptide-mediated clearance of beta-amyloid for Alzheimer’s disease therapy

Erin Macri
Muscle, bone, or joint
Patellofemoral joint osteoarthritis: a targeted physiotherapy RCT in an overlooked condition

David Twa
The significance of recurrent translocations involving programmed death ligands in non-Hodgkin lymphomas

Alexander Wright
A multidisciplinary approach to sport-related head trauma: using biomechanics, cerebrovascular physiology, neurocognitive function, and neuroimaging towards understanding and diagnosing concussion

Eric Bowes
Inorganic chemistry
Rational catalyst design: towards methane functionalization

Kaylee Byers
Evolution and ecology
Rats, parasites and their associated pathogens: understanding host-parasite dynamics in an urban ecosystem. The population genetics of vectors and their pathogens, the evolutionary relationships between ectoparasites and their hosts, and the differences in parasite assemblages between introduced and resident Vancouver rats

Archa Rowan Cockett
An integrated framework for coupled geophysical and fluid flow inversions for enhancing quantitative cross-disciplinary communication

Charles Copeland
Plant And tree biology
Characterizing the role of protein degradation in the negative regulation of R protein-mediated plant immunity

Lindsey Heagy
Investigating the application of electromagnetic geophysical methods for hydraulic fracture characterization

Sahan Ranamukhaarachchi
Biomedical engineering
Targeted microneedle insertion for epidermal vaccine delivery and biosensing

Hans Zahn
Biomedical engineering
The development of microfluidic technology for high-throughput genotyping of single cancer cells

Ronald Darvin
Digital identities, educational inequities: Investigating social class and new literacies of migrant Filipino youth in the knowledge economy

Kari Grain
Service-learning education at home and abroad: A critical comparative study

Richie Khatami
Political Science
The feeling of cohesion: understanding and cultivating empathy in a multicultural society

Jennifer Lay
Overcoming barriers to social engagement: Exploring associations between self-esteem, social self-efficacy, everyday helping behaviour, and well-being in older adults

Jacqueline Lerner
Urban And Regional Studies, Environmental Studies
If you built it, will they come? Using historical development patterns to improve prediction and mitigation of cumulative environmental impacts

Miriam Matejova
Political Science
Navigating the geopolitics of the Arctic through the energy and environmental security lens

Paige Patchin
Securitizing Amazonia: ‘Round-up’ in Colombia, Brazil, and the United States

Ashley Pullman
Skilling women: the gendered distribution of vocational Education in Canada

Justin Ritchie
Urban and regional studies, environmental studies
Measuring investment footprints: a quantitative approach to understanding the life-cycle impacts of financial decisions

Sam Stiegler
Investigating educational experiences of transgender and gender non-conforming school leavers

Jeremy Stone
Urban and regional studies, environmental studies
Discursive gentrification: neighborhoods, resistance, and the tragedy of the urban commons

UBC’s 2014 Banting Postdoctoral Fellows:

Louis-Philippe Bernier
Characterization of the acute morphological and functional response of microglia to decreased oxygen levels and study of the mechanisms underlying microglial dynamic motility.

Menno J Oudhoff
The role of Set7 in Intestinal Stem Cells during Regeneration and Cancer

Ekaterina Smolina
The impact of socioeconomic inequalities in drug prescribing on health outcomes

Kimberly C. Wiegand
The characterization and targeting of novel tumour suppressor genes and activated stroma in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Emily Elfner
The grammar of prosody and intonation in Kwak’wala: documentation, theory and community collaboration

Gillman Payette
Institutional Games and their Logical Analysis


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