UBC experts for comment about federal decision on Enbridge Northern Gateway

The federal government is expected to announce its final decision on the Northern Gateway pipeline in the coming days and UBC experts are available to comment.

Werner Antweiler
Sauder School of Business
Tel: 604.822.8484
Email: werner.antweiler@sauder.ubc.ca

  • Economic impact of the pipeline
  • Read Q&A here

Michael Byers
Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law
Email: michael.byers@ubc.ca

  • Implications of the decision for other pipeline projects, federal and provincial politics
  • International dimensions of the pipeline issue (Canada’s relationships with China and the U.S.)
  • Environmental issues

Kai Chan
Canada Research Chair in Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services
Email: kaichan@ires.ubc.ca

  • Assessment of the Joint Review Panel’s report
  • Environmental issues and Species at Risk Act

Gordon Christie
Faculty of Law
Cell: 778.986.2977
E-mail: christie@law.ubc.ca

  • The abilities of Aboriginal communities to use Canadian law to advance their interests

Kevin Hanna
Geography, UBC Okanagan campus
Tel: 778-363-4806
Email: kevin.hanna@ubc.ca

George Hoberg
Faculty of Forestry
Tel: 604.822.3728
Email: george.hoberg@ubc.ca
Twitter: @ghoberg

  • Environmental assessment and regulatory review process
  • Politics, First Nations issues and environmental concerns

Charles Menzies
Dept. of Anthropology
Email: charles.menzies@ubc.ca

  • Risk for coastal First Nations

James Tansey
Sauder School of Business
Cell: 604.562.4546
Tel: 604.827.4443
Email: james.tansey@sauder.ubc.ca

  • Environmental considerations
  • Aboriginal concerns and economic impact