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Nursing student wins interprofessional scholarship

Nursing student Katie Chapman is the recipient of the 2014 John H.V. Gilbert Interprofessional Scholarship for her participation and leadership in the Health Mentors Program. The scholarship is awarded to […]

Engineering professor receives Canadian rheology award

Chemical and Biological Engineering professor Savvas Hatzikiriakos has won the 2014 Canadian Society of Rheology Stanley G. Mason Award. The triennial award recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions […]

UBC This Week 19-Dec-2014

  Recent UBC Media Releases Dec 18 UBC astronomer confirms a new “Super-Earth” planet Dec 17 UBC releases its 2013 animal research statistics Dec 16 Toys for girls and boys? […]

‘Super Earth’ planet discovery confirmed by UBC astronomer

UBC’s Jaymie Matthews is a member of the team of astronomers who have just confirmed the existence of a new “Super-Earth” planet 180 light years away from Earth. The planet, […]

Why a new partner boosts your sex life

A Huffington Post blog comments on an analysis of research on sexual desire by UBC psychology professor Boris Gorzalka and clinical psychology student Heather Morton. Gorzalka and Morton concluded that […]

Scientists stumble on ‘key’ to banishing wrinkles

In a 20-week tanning experiment, UBC researchers found that mice who lacked the enzyme Granzyme-B had much fewer wrinkles than than those who had it. They believe this could be […]

Will Cubans’ health suffer in new US relationship?

UBC public health professor Jerry Spiegel has studied Cuba’s health care system for more than 15 years and sheds light on why a poor country has one of the highest […]

Bad Santa: The psychology behind ghastly gifts

Bad presents may not necessarily indicate a bad relationship, says UBC psychology professor Elizabeth Dunn. “If I’m similar to you, I can just go, ‘Well, I would like this,’” Dunn […]

Fast track to food security

The spectre of a global food crisis has ramped up efforts to develop stronger food crops. Researcher Loren Rieseberg and his collaborators are part of this effort, using data analytics […]

Anti-marijuana ad’s dubious claim a scary hit with parents

Experts have challenged Health Canada’s ad campaign which claims that smoking too much marijuana can harm developing brains and lower IQ. The assertion about lowered IQ is partly derived from […]

Diet rich in corn oil leads to lethargy and pre-diabetic symptoms

North Americans typically get 7 per cent of their energy from Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, about seven times the nutritional requirement. However UBC biologist Sanjoy Ghosh found that mice fed […]

Hobbit comes out of parents’ basement

UBC theatre and film professor Ernest Mathijs launched a global survey this week examining fantasy films and how they’re viewed around the world. The project encompasses 146 scholars in 45 […]

Vote on proposed 0.5% transit tax could cost millions

Metro Vancouver voters will be asked to vote next spring on a proposed tax to fund transit expansion in Metro Vancouver. However, the tax may include exemptions for big-ticket items […]

More public areas in Vancouver to be covered by free Wi-Fi

Vancouver is looking to partner with a company to offer more free Wi-Fi hot spots by spring 2015. “It’s yet another way to encourage people to get involved in activities […]

The cruellest month

Canadian universities should extend the Christmas break to the third or fourth week of January like many US universities do, UBC language professor Sima Godfrey says in a letter to […]

Piga Picha! 100 Years of Studio Photography in Nairobi

Piga Picha! 100 Years of Studio Photography in Nairobi

Piga Picha! 100 Years of Studio Photography in Nairobi Fri Dec 19 2014, 10 AM- 5 PM Museum of Anthropology A profound look at Kenya’s popular culture through more than […]

How the rumour factory operates in crisis

How the rumour factory operates in crisis Rumours have become part of “improvised news” – a way of trying to make sense of things that challenge the everyday, says UBC’s […]

UBC Reports | December 18

UBC Reports | December 18