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We should be citizens, first and foremost

We should be citizens, first and foremost

We should be citizens, first and foremost In a Victoria Times-Colonist op-ed, UBC’s David Moscrop says that referromg to individuals as taxpayers, customers or clients instead of citizens is part […]

Never has so much data been collected so fast

Big data is the subject of a new article in The Vancouver Sun. The article discusses the rapid growth of the field as a career, and how academics are seeking to […]

Tech sector struggling with gender diversity

Efforts to attract more women to the technology sector are discussed in a new article in The Toronto Star. UBC, along with software company SAP, are getting girls interested in science […]

The happiest and unhappiest cities

A new UBC study has charted the happiest and unhappiest cities in the United States, finding Richmond, Virginia as the happiest and New York City the least happy. The study […]

NHL warns hockey’s future threatened by climate change

Climate change could hurt hockey’s future by making outdoor rinks a thing of the past, so the NHL is now taking action against it with the release of its sustainability […]

New Vancouver House tower makes enemies before it’s built

The Vancouver House skyscraper won’t open until 2018, but it’s already generating debate as some locals are upset that it’s being sold in advance to Asian markets. Tsur Somerville of […]

SkyTrain riders told: Next time, don’t flee

After a pair of transit shut-downs within five days of each other in Vancouver, TransLink is asking passengers not to pry open doors and try to escape from stalled SkyTrain […]

Forest fires: Climate change’s new normal

A new article in The Globe and Mail profiles research by Lori Daniels, associate professor of forestry at UBC, finding that large forest fires will become increasingly commonplace in B.C. Daniels […]

Community shows its family pride

A new article in The Province profiles two men raising twins together and how it’s gradually becoming easier for same-sex couples to have children in B.C. through surrogacy or adoption. […]

UBC president’s questionable travel expenses

Former UBC president Stephen Toope has been criticized for his high travel expenses, but the university is defending his travel itinerary as being essential to his job of promoting UBC’s […]

LaPointe defends party’s lack of candidate nomination meeting

The NPA candidate for Vancouver’s mayor, Kirk LaPointe, is defending how his party selected their candidates for city council. They recently selected Suzanne Scott, former executive co-ordinator to the dean […]

Physiotherapists steered to northern B.C

A new article in The Prince George Citizen profiles a partnership between UBC and the University of Northern B.C. for master of physical therapy students. The students can do practical experience […]

Colleges and universities finally earn back carbon cash

B.C. colleges and universities are earning back money from the province’s carbon offset pool to fund energy-reducing infrastructure after paying into the program since 2010 without any reimbursements. UBC received […]

We need to start talking about digital overload for our children

An opinion piece by UBC alumnus Michael Harris says children are spending too much time glued to screens, leading to attention problems and not tapping into creative potential. Harris, the […]

We should be citizens, first and foremost

Politicians should stop overusing market-based terms like taxpayers, clients and customers when referring to citizens, says David Moscrop, a PhD student in political science at UBC. “Gutting our notion of […]

Did working as a teen set you up for success in the future?

Having a job as a teenager can lead to more career success in adulthood, says a new UBC study. Professor Marc-David Seidel of UBC’s Sauder School of Business talked about […]

Autism’s numbers game

A new article in the National Post discussed whether autism is becoming more common, or just being diagnosed more readily, and what effect that has on people with autism seeking […]

Israel-Gaza: When real rockets lead to verbal missiles

The conflict in Gaza is having an impact on Jewish and Muslim communities in Canada with hate speech and graffiti putting a Toronto neighbourhood on edge. “To focus on Israeli […]

UBC prof uses Star Wars planet to demonstrate climate forcing

A UBC professor has released a report called the Tatooine Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, using the Star Wars’ fictional desert planet as a way to teach people about climate […]

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Science graphic of the week: Climate Change on Tatooine.