Ross MacGillivray leads an interdisciplinary team of researchers dedicated to building a better blood supply.
Ross MacGillivray leads an interdisciplinary team of researchers
dedicated to building a better blood supply.

UBC Reports | Vol. 49 | No. 1 | Jan.
2, 2003

Keeping Canadian Blood Lines Safe

A group of UBC researchers is working to ensure that Canada
will never again face the tragedy of a national tainted blood

Media Coverage Misses Key Issues of Kyoto Accord Says UBC

While Alberta remains locked in battle with Ottawa over ratification
of the Kyoto Accord and its costs, John Robinson sees an opportunity
for British Columbia to lead the way in tackling the climate
change issue by championing sustainability.

Sensational Murder Trial Must Stay Open to Reporters

Media and the public will be allowed in the courtroom when
Robert Pickton’s preliminary hearing gets underway Jan.

3D Ultrasound, Coming Soon to a Doctor Near You?

Moms-and dads-to-be may soon be able to see their growing
babies more clearly thanks to new ultrasound technology.

Super Students With Diverse Resumes Win Top Scholarships

Their resumes list more accomplishments and activities than
many adults can claim in a lifetime.

UBC English Student Receives Rhodes Scholarship

Yaa-Hemaa Obiri-Yeboah has covered a lot of ground in her
21 years — and she’s just getting started.

The Loved and the Lost

We reported in the last issue of UBC Reports that a number
of alumni have been “lost.” While such a statement
might evoke images of confused graduates wandering down the
soap aisle looking for their mommies, it just means we don’t
know how to contact them.

Students Want More Consultation Before Tuition is Raised

A proposal to increase tuition fees by 20 to 30 per cent
is scheduled to go before UBC’s Board of Governors for
approval in late January but student leaders are saying they
haven’t been adequately consulted on the process.

Vancouver Ready for Safe Injection Sites, Say UBC Experts

There are few issues in Vancouver more controversial than
the creation of safe injection sites for the addicts in the
city’s Downtown Eastside.

Martha Piper Appointed to Second UBC Term

The University of British Columbia Board of Governors has
re-appointed Martha Piper as UBC President and Vice-Chancellor.
Piper’s second term will run to Nov. 15, 2007.